Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scripture Reading Tip!

Every January I vow to be better at my regular scripture study. I'm not terrible- but like most things in my life there is always room for improvement. It's odd that I find this habit slips through the cracks so easily, especially when the rewards for doing it are so great. With just a little bit of effort I get the maximum reward. Things are better when I'm regularly reading my scriptures. I feel closer to the Savior and my testimony of Him is that much stronger. I have a greater peace in my life. I feel more well-rounded. I'm a kinder mother, and a better friend. I seem to have more time on my hands and so I get more done in the day. And the list goes on. (With all that in mind, I feel sort of pathetic for being so bad at this one.)

This year is no different from any other and, once again, I'm committed to reading my scriptures. However, this year I'm excited about a new way of doing some of it.

A friend of mine started a blog with her mother called Two Pages a Day. Everyday, they are posting two pages of the Book of Mormon. What a great idea! I have added it to my Google Reader Account, so that each day when I check my email- there it is, and in no time at all I've read the scriptures and thus improved my life.

I thought I should share in case anybody else wanted another tool to increase their chance for scripture reading success!

I love it! Thanks so much Kathryn!


Danika said...

It is something I have vowed to be better at this year too. How come I can spend hours in front of the computer screen reading blogs and creating blog entries, but I somehow cannot make/find the time to read a few chapters of the B of M? This will be PERFECT! Thanks for sharing...

Leslie said...

I share in your excitement. It has been such an easy way to make sure I get my reading done. I love it! Also I am waiting still to hear back about the braclets. I'll let you know asap. Love You!

ZAC said...

THis is inspirational. In fact I'm off to read as soon as I sign off here! The post below: CRACK UP because of course it's all too accurate! The snow day post...sounded fun. Yay for snow. P.S. Don't feel guilty. You're accomplishments are always amazing.

Denise said...

I love this! Thank you for the tip. I am always wanting to improve in this area. I can never figure out why reading scriptures with the kids is easier for me than finding time for my personal study. Do you know the answer?


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