Sunday, February 08, 2009

Blog Errors

Can You See Me Now?

According to many friends, they can't see my sidebar on this blog or any of the cute page elements. (I see everything just fine on my own computer so I'm having a hard time finding the problem.)

If you are reading this, will you post a comment to let know what you see? Can you see my profile image on the right or any of the links to blogs and sites I like? Do you get an error code? What does it say?

Any ideas? I have no idea how to fix the problem


Danika said...

I see a pinkish background with your entries and your side column that has "About Me" "Blogs I Like" etc. Your header is just a box with green text that says FANCY PANTS MOM. I have heard/read about several other people who have had blog error issues (like their headers not showing up, etc.) this week too. No idea how to fix it - good luck!

laura said...

Looks cute to me! I can't see your picture by your profile link, but the site is cute!

Bethany said...

The only picture I see is yours, right next to your "view my complete profile."

I also see your "What are fancy pants?", your "blogs I like", "sites I like" and archive links.

What a pain -- sorry!


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