Sunday, February 08, 2009

Techno Mumbo Jumbo

Slowly but surely I am figuring out all this "blah blah blah" that one needs to know in order to escape blog/web page disasters.

First- never type something in Microsoft Word and then cut and paste it into your blog post! (It turns out that Word attaches all sorts of crazy html code to your document that in turn messes up your entire blog's formatting etc.) This is what happened to my blog due to a "pasted-post" I did about a month ago.

Second- You will not be aware of this problem, as I wasn't, if you browse with Mozilla- they automatically fix the issue. You, and your fellow Firefox users, will think everything is hunky-dory and be none the wiser until an Internet Explorer friend says, "Hey, I can't see anything on your blog! It's all white without a side-bar!." Thus starts the frustration!

Third- in order to fix this you must either delete the Word-pasted post and abandon it, delete it and retype it, (losing it's archive placement and posted comments) or do what I did and painstakingly enter the offending post's html and erase all the crazy stuff added by Microsoft leaving just your words and then reattach the pictures. It's a hassle- but it does the trick!

Hopefully these tips will save some of you from making my mistakes.

Who knew?

1 comment:

Bethany said...

No wonder I saw it right -- you already fixed it! I usually read it off google reader anyway, but thanks for the heads up!


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