Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hopes from Kimball

( a strawberry smile!)

My son Kimball has some great personality characteristics, that i must admit he gets mostly from his Father. He's easy-going, thoughtful, unselfish, quick to laugh, softhearted and kind. (He has a few other character traits that drive me up a wall, but still I wouldn't trade him in for the world!)

He came home from school last week with a project he made in his class. It looks similar to a mobile that has three hanging paper shapes. Each shape represents something- his community, his world and himself, and on each one he wrote his hope/dream for that particular thing. I love what he wrote and want to remember it, so I'm sharing it here:

Kimball's Desires:
For his community: "That my family will honor it." ( I asked him for clarification - and he said he wants everyone to obey their parents...I'm never going to throw this away!)
For his world: " That everyone will worship the right God."
For himself: " That my fish will live a long time."

love that kid!

Creative Inclinations

My kids' elementary school encourages kids to use recycling to create their art projects. My guess is it's cheap for them and aids in their goal of "green living."Over the past five years my boys have come home with what feels like hundreds of sculptures and contraptions made from toilet paper tubes, egg cartons, cereal boxes and various plastic containers. I love that they get to use their imaginations and express themselves so open-endedly, but for the most part these projects look like what they are; trash kept together with tape and glue, so what am I to do with them all?

Thus far, I have had a system of elimination. I praise them for their ingenuity, possibly take a picture or two, and within a few days sneak them into our box to be put out for "recycling" yet again. I wash my hands of them and we're done. ( I know I am a heartless mother)

But last week, my son came home with this:
He named him George. Oh my goodness! He is huge! And unlike the others doesn't look like trash. I actually think he's a pretty cool robot. I don't have the heart to put him out- he looks at me with those big robot eyes and I just can't do it.

So now George is a permanent part of our family.

Onto other creations:

Last week was the Pine Wood Derby, and although Tustin's car was lacking in speed (my husband is still pretty frustrated about that, and convinced that someone sabotaged the well-polished/graphited axels and wheels), he took a second place trophy for "Most Artistic." ( I love all the awards they come up with at these things so that every kid can be a winner. Some of them are a real stretch- but I'm sure all the moms are grateful, as am I, that their son goes home a winner of sorts regardless!)

The 2009 Pine Wood Derby

Perler Beads & Baking Cups!

My daughter loves color, and especially making patterns with color. I have to admit she has a talent for it. ( I guess I have a future quilter on my hands!) However, as of three months ago I had no idea that this was the case. All of that changed one afternoon when she opened up a drawer in the kitchen and discovered an assortment of silicone baking cups! She was delighted!

Since that day, she has spent innumerable hours stacking, sorting and playing with them. It amazes me that making various patterns of red, yellow, blue, purple and pink over and over---and over--- again could keep her interest for so long, but such is the case. It's crazy-but I have to admit, I have come to appreciate all the extra time it gives me to do my own stuff-uninterrupted.
(A "Perler Beads" set)

This inclination of hers for color and pattern has now become even more pronounced since we discovered "Perler Beads" a few weeks back. How was I ever a parent before these delightful little things? (Seriously- if you do not have them, run to your local Michaels and get some. Even my boys enjoy them- if not quite so much as their sister.) She hardly ever wants to watch television anymore-she just wants to stay in her creative realm with a pile of open-ended beads. I love it!

Using different peg boards, and plastic macaroni-like beads, my daughter has spent endless amounts of time making all sorts of creations. She loves to play with the colors and organize hearts, stars, turtles and flowers, etc..
( some of her latest works of art!)

I am really impressed with the beautiful designs she comes up with. My dining room is no longer used for eating- just Perler Beads, but I love that she has found her passion and I can't wait to see the next artistic medium that it manifests itself through.

As soon as she is old enough to use a sewing machine we will really have some fun!

(Enjoying her two favorites- Baking cups and Perler Beads)


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