Sunday, March 22, 2009

Creative Inclinations

My kids' elementary school encourages kids to use recycling to create their art projects. My guess is it's cheap for them and aids in their goal of "green living."Over the past five years my boys have come home with what feels like hundreds of sculptures and contraptions made from toilet paper tubes, egg cartons, cereal boxes and various plastic containers. I love that they get to use their imaginations and express themselves so open-endedly, but for the most part these projects look like what they are; trash kept together with tape and glue, so what am I to do with them all?

Thus far, I have had a system of elimination. I praise them for their ingenuity, possibly take a picture or two, and within a few days sneak them into our box to be put out for "recycling" yet again. I wash my hands of them and we're done. ( I know I am a heartless mother)

But last week, my son came home with this:
He named him George. Oh my goodness! He is huge! And unlike the others doesn't look like trash. I actually think he's a pretty cool robot. I don't have the heart to put him out- he looks at me with those big robot eyes and I just can't do it.

So now George is a permanent part of our family.

Onto other creations:

Last week was the Pine Wood Derby, and although Tustin's car was lacking in speed (my husband is still pretty frustrated about that, and convinced that someone sabotaged the well-polished/graphited axels and wheels), he took a second place trophy for "Most Artistic." ( I love all the awards they come up with at these things so that every kid can be a winner. Some of them are a real stretch- but I'm sure all the moms are grateful, as am I, that their son goes home a winner of sorts regardless!)

The 2009 Pine Wood Derby


lisapow said...

Awesome Derby car! I feel we missed out on the boys doing scouts together. We haven't even had one pine wood derby out here. LA LAME! Andrew still asks about Tustin and he cut a picture of him and Andrew out of his 'soccer team' pics and put it up on his dresser.

Wendy & Brian said...

Tustins car is by far the best looking car. Looks are really wahts important in my book. Love you

Jenn S. said...

Woo hoo! Amazing work. Form over function is almost always my motto anyway. :)

lisapow said...

Ok..we were just given one weeks notice to do a car. Justin wants to know who won and if we can buy their car?
Anyways I showed Andrew the picture of Tustin with his car and he LOVED it. He said Tustin's car was his favorite.

Cyndi said...

I love George! Ooh, maybe I should make a little baby girl robot and then Lauren won't keep asking for a baby sister!


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