Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hopes from Kimball

( a strawberry smile!)

My son Kimball has some great personality characteristics, that i must admit he gets mostly from his Father. He's easy-going, thoughtful, unselfish, quick to laugh, softhearted and kind. (He has a few other character traits that drive me up a wall, but still I wouldn't trade him in for the world!)

He came home from school last week with a project he made in his class. It looks similar to a mobile that has three hanging paper shapes. Each shape represents something- his community, his world and himself, and on each one he wrote his hope/dream for that particular thing. I love what he wrote and want to remember it, so I'm sharing it here:

Kimball's Desires:
For his community: "That my family will honor it." ( I asked him for clarification - and he said he wants everyone to obey their parents...I'm never going to throw this away!)
For his world: " That everyone will worship the right God."
For himself: " That my fish will live a long time."

love that kid!


Leslie said...

If only all of us could have a little more of "Kimballisms". I love him! I also love the new fam picture

ZAC said...

He is one handsome boy. He looks very exotic! And it looks like he has some smarts that, surely, both of his parents gave him too :-)

lisapow said...

I love all Kimballs hopes. Especially the love for his fish. I miss that little guy!

Cyndi said...

What a cutie!


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