Sunday, March 22, 2009

Perler Beads & Baking Cups!

My daughter loves color, and especially making patterns with color. I have to admit she has a talent for it. ( I guess I have a future quilter on my hands!) However, as of three months ago I had no idea that this was the case. All of that changed one afternoon when she opened up a drawer in the kitchen and discovered an assortment of silicone baking cups! She was delighted!

Since that day, she has spent innumerable hours stacking, sorting and playing with them. It amazes me that making various patterns of red, yellow, blue, purple and pink over and over---and over--- again could keep her interest for so long, but such is the case. It's crazy-but I have to admit, I have come to appreciate all the extra time it gives me to do my own stuff-uninterrupted.
(A "Perler Beads" set)

This inclination of hers for color and pattern has now become even more pronounced since we discovered "Perler Beads" a few weeks back. How was I ever a parent before these delightful little things? (Seriously- if you do not have them, run to your local Michaels and get some. Even my boys enjoy them- if not quite so much as their sister.) She hardly ever wants to watch television anymore-she just wants to stay in her creative realm with a pile of open-ended beads. I love it!

Using different peg boards, and plastic macaroni-like beads, my daughter has spent endless amounts of time making all sorts of creations. She loves to play with the colors and organize hearts, stars, turtles and flowers, etc..
( some of her latest works of art!)

I am really impressed with the beautiful designs she comes up with. My dining room is no longer used for eating- just Perler Beads, but I love that she has found her passion and I can't wait to see the next artistic medium that it manifests itself through.

As soon as she is old enough to use a sewing machine we will really have some fun!

(Enjoying her two favorites- Baking cups and Perler Beads)


Laura B. said...

How do I have three girls and no idea about those beads.
Note to self: go buy Perler beads asap!
I think those will be a HIT!

Leslie said...

We have never seen one done at our house like that. I am never quite sure what Chloe created with her Perler beads. Laura is just like her mom:)

lisapow said...

My girls would love those!! I can't believe how big Laura is! What a doll!!

jenafeldman said...

It is all that time spent creating patterns with the baking cups! She gets if from her creative!


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