Monday, June 29, 2009

A Great Book!

My husband and I both just finished reading this book. It is terrific! If you love to run, or wish you did- then you need to read this book. Go to your library and get it. It will change the way you think.

After you read it you will start running barefoot, or in these. That sounds like it would hurt or something, right? It doesn't. In fact, in feels great! Truly.

In addition you will start consuming a lot of chia seeds or putting "chia gel" in whatever you can. Who knew that your chia pet was hiding something so awesome and life-sustaining!

It would take forever to explain it all- so get the book. Seriously- stop what you are doing and get it now. It's a great read!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Needed Blessings

The other day while driving in the car on the way to church, Kimball had some questions regarding fasting. (It happened to be Fast Sunday) As parents it feels great when your kids ask questions like that. It opens the door for you to have what will surely be a great parenting moment, right?

I for one have a wonderful dream of what will occur..... a couple of minutes where we share a deep, spiritual conversation. We are moved. Our children are moved. I imagine that those few moments impact them forever and when they are adults they write it down and then quite possibly submit it to the Friend magazine for publication in the form of a story, "based on real events."

So, we had our discussion and I thought it had gone very well. Then came the time to ask some questions and get their feedback. One of the questions? Stanton asked Kimball if there was something specific he might like to fast for. After a short pause, Kimball's response was:

"Yes! What I really need is.......... the power to read people's minds."

Well, all-righty then. Good talk. Good talk.

Another big catch-up.

Summer Vacation has finally started! Our school year lasts so long every year that, come the end of June, we are all fed up with the schedules and homework and very anxious for some free time and fun!

Maybe I will blog about all we do......but maybe not. ( I feel bad for my posterity. They will have big empty gaps of my life to try and figure out on their own. Oh well!)

As for what we've been doing lately, here are a few updates for Grandma!

Budding Talents

Most recently, Laura has started designing. She approached me last week with a drawing of a purse that she had thought up. "Mom, it needs to be a crescent shape, with polka dots." Since I'm always up for a new project to sew, we got to work. She chose her fabric from the basement stash and sat down to draw a pattern on tissue paper. It was very basic so it came together quick.

She is so delighted with her creation and takes it everywhere we go. I can't wait to see what drawing she brings me next.
New Hair
We decided to save money on the barbers and shave some heads. Kimball and Stanton are both sporting the buzz look from now on. I love the ease of it, and think they both look adorable.

Piano Recitals
The boys performed in their first ever piano recital. Tustin was so nervous that he had a migraine and probably an ulcer or something. Poor kid! They both did great- and forgot to bow. As soon as they finished- they practically ran off the stage.

Laura Graduates

Laura graduated from preschool this year and something weird happened to me. Maybe it's because she's my sweet little girl- or maybe it's because I fear she may be my last child- but I got emotional!

When the boys both had their "graduations," I remember rolling my eyes and feeling embarrassed for all the moms and dads taking pictures and crying with pride. Come on people! It's preschool!

And- now here I was watching my daughter walk up for her little diploma and my heart melted. I lost it. Where have the years gone? Will I ever have another preschooler? Another baby? Is this the end of those sweet days when the world is so full of wonder and mommy is their favorite person? I wish I knew what the answer was. I wish I knew what I wanted the answer to be.

So, I am now humbled and I send out apologies to all the preschool moms that I have mentally mocked in the past. I have joined the ranks of blubbering boobs.


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