Saturday, June 27, 2009

Needed Blessings

The other day while driving in the car on the way to church, Kimball had some questions regarding fasting. (It happened to be Fast Sunday) As parents it feels great when your kids ask questions like that. It opens the door for you to have what will surely be a great parenting moment, right?

I for one have a wonderful dream of what will occur..... a couple of minutes where we share a deep, spiritual conversation. We are moved. Our children are moved. I imagine that those few moments impact them forever and when they are adults they write it down and then quite possibly submit it to the Friend magazine for publication in the form of a story, "based on real events."

So, we had our discussion and I thought it had gone very well. Then came the time to ask some questions and get their feedback. One of the questions? Stanton asked Kimball if there was something specific he might like to fast for. After a short pause, Kimball's response was:

"Yes! What I really need is.......... the power to read people's minds."

Well, all-righty then. Good talk. Good talk.

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