Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kimball's Baptism

January is over today and I couldn't let it pass without journaling one very important event(for family history's sake)-Kimball's 8th birthday and his baptism.

Kimball has one of those right-after-Christmas-forgotten-about-birthdays that gets itself smooshed into Christmas every year. I would feel bad about that except that this actually works out well for him being that most years we are on vacation at the time. This means that most years he gets to celebrate with his cousins and grandparents and we have convinced him many a time that we go to Hawaii, Disneyland or to California or "Ruby's on the Pier" in Balboa-just for him, in celebration of his day. My favorite was the "volcano birthday" in Hawaii with a cake made out of Ding Dongs and Ho Ho's. We even did fire-works that year. He thought he was so special!
However, we may have over done it in this regard because I now have another child who has started asking me, "Mom, how come we don't get to go on vacation for my birthday?" That's the thing about parenting: you try and do something nice for one kid and, inevitably, that very thing is somehow viewed as an oversight by another. Another example? I walk into the room and notice "Child A" drawing a lovely picture.

"Oh, what a good artist you are. That is lovely!," I say.
In comes "Child B":
"But, mom- I could have made that way better! I'm a better artist-right? "

Geepers! Is this just my children? Did I fail somehow? ........ I will add it to my ever growing list....

On to the real story here- Kimball's big day. This year Kimball turned 8 and we debated about where we would baptize him. It was important to us that he get to be with as much family as possible and being that Grandma Neilson can't travel right now, and we wanted her to be there- we decided to fly to sunny CA. Seriously- shorts and tees in January? They are so spoiled!
It was a perfect day with all four grandparents and lots of cousins from in town and from out. I wouldn't have had it any other way. It's hard for me to believe, or accept for that matter, how much my babies are growing up. Kimball is such a delight in my life. He is always cheerful and loving. He never lets a days pass without giving us all hugs and telling us he loves us. Kindness is one of his great talents. Thank you for being you-Kimball! We love you so much!
**One funny side note: Stanton had told Kimball before the baptism that he could be the one to go down and pull the plug in the font when it was over. Unbeknownst to us- he took this very literally and no sooner had Stanton finished baptising him- but he let go and dived right in! My family thought he was taking a wild swim- kicking and splashing and having a dandy ole time-( it was Kimball after all!) but he was just trying to pull that plug out! It was hysterical.

Oh how I love that boy!

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Britney said...

Congratulations Kimball.

What a great day that must have been. He sounds like a great kid. I'm sure you are so proud -- he is a real tribute to you as parents.

So funny about pulling t"Hello!"


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