Saturday, February 27, 2010

Craft Ideas

I found something adorable online the other day while surfing blogs. It was one of those afternoons where I sat down to look something up and somehow ended up wasting a couple of hours in the world of "link-a-links," jumping from one craft blog to another admiring and imagining all the cute stuff I could make.

I got really excited in particular about this adorable valentine tree some other crafty Mom(most likely a Utah resident) made. It was just the perfect idea for my dining room table to add that whimsical touch of romance for our valentines dinner.

Here's the problem- I went back the next day to see the photo again and start my project- but I could not find it anywhere! I forgot to bookmark it and since I arrived at the blog through the before mentioned "link-a-link" method I had no idea where I saw it. I was so bummed!

To solve this problem I have now decide that whenever I see something I love, and that I want to make, copy, purchase, or just continue to covet, I am going to post it here. This way I can always find it again- and the few people who actually keep up with my family's simple life will benefit as well!

With that in mind, I found silhouette pendants, designed by Whitney Phippen today! I love, love them. Wouldn't my neck look gorgeous with these? It's like having one of those Victorian cameos- only cuter because it has your own kids silhouettes!
You can purchase them here. They are a little pricey- maybe I can come up with a way to make myself a knock-off version? Or drop a few hints for Mother's Day?

Also- I think I will need a few more kids to get the full effect here. It looks adorable with six and I'm afraid my mere three children would make a necklace that was much too sparse!


Britney said...

I LOVE that!!!! I'm so glad you are going to track this stuff on here! Yeah for me!

P.S. I bought several of the songs you suggested on your last post and we are thoroughly enjoying them. Thanks for the suggestions.

lisapow said...

Sooo cute! What a great idea for Mother's day..maybe I will put my mom's kids and her grandkids on fill it up :)

holly said...

I do the same thing...I HATE when I forget to bookmark them. It is really annoying. And, might I add, you should have more kids. Tell Stanton I said so.

Denise said...

Those necklace are so cute -- good find. And was that an announcement at the end?

Marc said...



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