Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring Is In the Air!

The kids started back to school today after our week-long spring break. Some parents love it when school starts back up- but I'm always a little sad. I like doing our own things. Oh well!

We went to the movies, painted ceramic animals, dyed Easter eggs, made our own movies,( all indoor activities for the three days of rain we had), played lots of games, had a picnic in the park, roasted marshmallows and hot dogs in the backyard and had a jolly good time.

Although all of that was fun, the highlight of the week was going to Virginia to camp with our cousins, hunt frogs and celebrate Easter. My brother moved to Virginia last year and it's been great having family within driving distance for the first time in 7 years!

We found a great campsite near Gettysburg so after visiting the battle grounds we stayed up late and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows again (they never get old!). For much of our time around the fire the kids told jokes. Kid's jokes are awesome! Half of them are "new" jokes that are somehow the very same ones I remember telling 25 years ago to my own cousins and the the other half border on being so stupid that they aren't even funny at all!-- Yet, interestingly enough, for that very same reason- they ARE funny and we all laugh and laugh. Good Times!

On to the "frog-hunting" part of the trip. Within the camping facility is a little fishing lake which we took the kids to on Saturday morning. There we discovered a little marshy pool of water loaded with mating toads. They were everywhere! The males were croaking and blowing up there necks to look macho and then pouncing on the lady toads right and left. The older kid figured out what was going on right away- and the little ones thought it was cute how they were giving each other "piggy-back" rides. Too funny.

Kimball waded right in and started catching toad after toad. It took a little while for the other kids to warm up to it- but soon everyone was catching toads- even Laura. This was my favorite part of the week and the good news is that I actually pulled out my camera!

Kimball wading right in!
Laura trying to work up the nerve to catch one.
At one point my nephew picked up a "couple," and no matter what this little guy would not let go of his lady. He held onto her with the jaws of life!
Awww Spring! Got to love it!

I did get this one other picture!
Overlooking Gettysburg

I Pray for You

A friend of mine introduced me to this song last week. It makes me laugh. And....he is quite the cutie! Enjoy.


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