Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pregnancy Blues

I should NOT still be pregnant! Urgh!!!

I have been "nesting" for months on end, making lists upon lists of things that need to be done, and made or purchased around here before I'm ready for this baby, and now I have finished! I'm finally ready. My projects are completed. But- no baby.

I know this frustration is my own fault. All my previous children were born a week before their due dates- so naturally I decided this one would join us last week. No deal! No baby! I hate it when things don't go according to my plans! I am in a perpetual bad mood about this.

I have stopped answering my phone and have become a recluse. I do not want to have another conversation with a well-meaning friend or relative about how I am still with child! I know it is all well-intentioned- but it still doesn't make me feel any better! I am a walking, sitting, never comfortable, disgusted by my own reflection human-walrus and I hate hate hate it!!! (note- the above picture was taken over a month ago- because the picture taken of me today is not fit for human eyes. I have become scary!!)

So...... if you are wondering if I have given birth yet to this child-NO! I have not, and I am trying not to think about it! So- by all means call me- we can chat- but if you are a friend, you will not mention this baby, or this pregnancy, or anything child related. (Truly-it's probably safer just not to call at all. Seriously! I am losing it over here! The likely-hood that I will say something rude or ungracious to you is very high--- don't risk it.)

Call me in a week- hopefully I will be in a better place.

Deep Breath.......so I mentioned before, I have finally checked off a long list of to-do's around here. In the interest of "focusing on the good" brought by this pregnancy, I will share. ( please note, that I am lacking a good camera so the lighting in these pics is as good as it gets from me.)

First, being New York square-footage challenged we opened up the basement by 6 more feet to give us something along the lines of a family room. No matter how I tried- we couldn't squeeze another bathroom down there- so we are still making do with one, but all in all the extra play space is very nice.
We've gone from this:

To this:

It's still not large and I've yet to furnish it. Those decisions will take me awhile I'm sure, so I'm making do with the IKEA temporary fixes-- but I do love my carpet tiles! They are so fun! We also had the staircase to the basement redone, since our last one was a death trap. It makes such a difference!There is "no room in the inn" so to speak for this new baby boy of ours, but Laura is willing to share so I set to work on their new room last November. My first goal was to install wainscoting on the walls. I am a huge fan of my nail gun. It is a woman's best friend. My second goal was to find fabric that could work for both a boy and a girl. That took forever! Then I started sewing the bedding, crib bedding, window treatments etc... and then I put it all in the room and what did I get? A VERY girly room! Oh well. I tried! I really did! Girly just comes naturally for me. (We'll have to add another room somewhere onto this house in a couple years before our son develops gender issues.)

Stanton bought me a new Lazy-Boy, which I believe is a must for any nursing mom. I love it! And I made a new "boppy-pillow"- also a must have.
We repainted the dining room a light blue-grey color. I can't believe what a difference it makes in there. I love red rooms( it's previous color)- but have learned my lesson in regards to small houses- stick with light colors. The room looks so much bigger now.
I finished building the picture ledges for the upstairs hallway. My plan is to paint all the frames various light colors and make this my "family-history wall" full of black and white photos of ancestors to go along with our family tree. Now, I just have to track down all those pictures...
I finally chose tile for the back splash! Yippee!

I got out the nail gun again and built a ledge of hooks for the kids backpacks etc.. It's right smack in the kitchen- but it does the job. For those of you spoiled enough to have a mud room- I hope you appreciate it!We finally finished the built ins. After stripping and painting some base cabinets I got on Craig's List, and then building the shelves, I gave up and hired someone to do to moldings. I'm so glad I did! Miters have never been my strength.

I even finished sewing a new sassy diaper bag for myself!
Not pictured? We cleaned out the attic, layed a new plywood floor up there and reorganized it. I cleaned and reorganized the garage. I added a shelving system underneath the basement stairs to organize toys and games. I repainted the kitchen a color almost identical to the one it was before- but which makes my happier anyway. I installed more shelving in the boys' rooms and made them a giant fabric covered cork board. I made a new cover for the car seat and a bunch of burp cloths. I bought diapers, wipes, layette clothes, binkies, bottles, and just about everything else I could think of!

I have been a manic, crazy, project lady- but now I am done! I have finished all the manual labor and I'm ready!

So, please, please, please baby boy....Stop the torture. Come today!

Don't Fence Me In

If someone were to ask you to tell a story about David from the Old Testament, I am sure that for most of you, like me, you would tell about the young boy who because of his faith in God was able to slay the mighty Goliath with a single stone. That would be most of us...

I however, am the mother to a little boy who never thinks inside the box. I often wonder what it would be like to spend a day inside that beautiful brain of his. I'm not sure that I would be able to keep up actually, since it's always going a mile a minute and making crazy 360 degree turns and such.

Anyway--- back to my original thoughts about David. Kimball's primary teacher approached me to share a funny experience about my a fore mentioned son. They were playing a game of Scripture Pictionary and she gave Kimball the clue of "David." He quickly went to the chalkboard and proceeded to draw an eyeball, a stick figure off to the side, and an arrow pointing from the eyeball to the figure. She was a little perplexed and needless to say, nobody in the class could guess what Scripture story he was portraying- so he told them:

"You know, it's when King David was looking at the naked lady."

Oh... well.. Yes, of course. Can't believe we didn't think of that one first!

Now, for some reason I can't stop singing that Bing Crosby/Andrew Sisters song titled: "Don't Fence Me In."
Don't worry, Kimball I wouldn't even try. I love the way you think.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow, Snow Go Away!

This is the view around my house, and has been for over a month now. I would get some better- more dynamic pictures- but I don't want to actually go out there. Just know that it is worse than it looks. It never melts- it just keeps piling up! We have now received at least 20 more inches of snow than is the average around here for this time. I'm sure if you live in Northern Minnesota this is your norm- but I am losing it! Shoveling even a mere 10 inches of snow when you are almost 9 months pregnant is painful!

We have lived here in NY for 9 years ( how did that happen?), and it snows every winter. However, our storms are spread out here and there, and they always melt in between each other, so when they come it's an adventure and usually a fun day off school to go sledding.

This year is a whole other game- it never ever melts! I feel like every street is a dirty white Grand Canyon. Backing in and out of driveways is a disaster. There is no room- and way too many people park on the street around here. I have done countless 20-point turns trying to navigate my way around and through the snow-canyon walls of my neighborhood. (It's the curse of living in a town where 80% of the homes were built before cars existed-- thus no garages.) We have had a number of snow-days and delayed starts at school, which is still fun- but the snow is such on those days that by the time we dig ourselves out, we are all too tired to go sledding or enjoy it. Ugh!

Thoughts regarding the weather from my 11-yr-old as we slowly trekked our way to school :

"Gee, I sure wish Global Warming was for real. That was a big lie, wasn't it."
(I swear that came with no indoctrination from me!)


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