Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Snow, Snow Go Away!

This is the view around my house, and has been for over a month now. I would get some better- more dynamic pictures- but I don't want to actually go out there. Just know that it is worse than it looks. It never melts- it just keeps piling up! We have now received at least 20 more inches of snow than is the average around here for this time. I'm sure if you live in Northern Minnesota this is your norm- but I am losing it! Shoveling even a mere 10 inches of snow when you are almost 9 months pregnant is painful!

We have lived here in NY for 9 years ( how did that happen?), and it snows every winter. However, our storms are spread out here and there, and they always melt in between each other, so when they come it's an adventure and usually a fun day off school to go sledding.

This year is a whole other game- it never ever melts! I feel like every street is a dirty white Grand Canyon. Backing in and out of driveways is a disaster. There is no room- and way too many people park on the street around here. I have done countless 20-point turns trying to navigate my way around and through the snow-canyon walls of my neighborhood. (It's the curse of living in a town where 80% of the homes were built before cars existed-- thus no garages.) We have had a number of snow-days and delayed starts at school, which is still fun- but the snow is such on those days that by the time we dig ourselves out, we are all too tired to go sledding or enjoy it. Ugh!

Thoughts regarding the weather from my 11-yr-old as we slowly trekked our way to school :

"Gee, I sure wish Global Warming was for real. That was a big lie, wasn't it."
(I swear that came with no indoctrination from me!)


Danika said...

YOU are almost 9 months pregnant??? Where did I miss that??? Probably because you haven't blogged in forever and you're not on Facebook! :) Congratulations! I just read this morning that Lindsay is pregnant again too. Are you having a boy or girl? Hope you are feeling well. Please keep in touch!

Anne said...

i was shocked to see a post here! i feel your pain.

Britney said...

HA HA HA HA! My favorite part was the very last line (and the quote that inspired it.) You have funny kids -- no surprise there.

Congrats on being pregnant!!!! I had no idea!! I am due in March so we must be fairly close. I hope all goes well.

I am so sorry for all of the snow. I HATE having to shovel it, move it, lug kids in and out through it....boo. I hope it goes away soon too -- for your sanity's sake. :)

Hope you are well despite the weather. :)

holly said...

you are pregnant??? and almost due? what are you having? how are you feeling?

Bethany said...



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