Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Meat or Dairy? Yikes!

I've never been one to watch TV during the day. If I have a moment to rest I would rather read a book because daytime TV is usually pretty lame. However, when it comes to reading books during the day I have to be careful because I have never been good at self-monitoring myself and can find that "I'll just rest and read for 20 minutes" quickly turns into, "Oh no! School's out already? How did six hours go by?" way too often.

Anyhoo.... back to my point- I don't watch daytime TV. Then about a month ago Warren was born and, as I have mentioned before, he prefers me to be with him at all times and likes to nurse A LOT. So, that being said, I have found myself spending many hours on the couch flipping through channels and coming upon a number of interesting shows. To name a few:

"I Didn't Know I was Pregnant."- it's hilarious-and sometimes disturbing. I never knew so many babies were born in the toilet from "constipated" and unsuspecting mothers.
"The Doctor's"- I quite enjoy them and their medical chatter.
"An Idiot Abroad"- British people are always extra funny.
And don't ask me why, but I actually enjoy watching "Hoda and Kathy Lee" in the morning on NBC. They make me laugh and keep me updated on all sorts of pop culture that is totally useless to know.

Anyway...the reason I bring this up is because I was watching "The Doctors" the other day and they had Alicia Silverstone there talking about her book, "The Kind Diet, " which is all about her Vegan lifestyle and why it's so great. I have never been one to even consider Veganism but she happened to bring the doctors a sampling of her "Crispy Peanut Butter Treats With Chocolate Chips" which are her healthy and vegan version of rice krispies and they looked super yummy. I couldn't stop thinking about them all day so I picked up a copy of her book from the library and soon found myself engrossed in it.

I doubt I could ever go completely dairy or meat free- but she makes a number of points that have me cutting back a fair amount. ( Did you know there is cow puss and blood in every cup of milk you drink? If there is even a chance that that is true- it really grosses me out. I can't ever look at milk the same again! Which actually kind of makes me sad. I like milk! We typically go through about 6 gallons of it a week. But this week that has decreased to about two. I sort of get the heebie-geebies now just looking at it!)

Actually- as of 4 days ago I went dairy-free anyway because I've been advised by a number of moms to give it a try for fussy babies and actually it seems to be doing the trick. Warren is much more relaxed, so I will be sticking with that for awhile. I think I will go ahead and experiment with the whole philosophy for a week or two and see how I feel. It's a bit of a challenge for a girl like me since I am against soy products, which seem to be a staple of most vegan diets. (But that's another story altogether.)

So I made Alicia's rice krispy treats and then proceeded to feast on the whole pan over a span of about 48 hours, which probably negates the whole "healthy" treat part. Oh well! They are yummy!

Maybe I will post more on these new Vegan thoughts another day.... or maybe I will just forget it altogether and eat a big juicy steak! Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sick Day- Yippee!

Unlike most people, my kids love to get sick! Getting sick means no school, watching lots of TV and getting pampered. No one takes this to heart like Laura! Yesterday she came home from school feeling a little under the weather with a mild fever. Now today, even though she is coughing, has a mild sore throat and headache- she couldn't be happier.

Being that I do not want myself or Warren to catch whatever it is she's got, I told her she would be quarantined to her room. She just smiled, grabbed an IPOD Touch and went happily to her bed. However, after a couple of hours this morning she called down that she was hungry and would need "room service- on a tray!" Priceless! She then proceeded to write out her order and toss it down to me. As you can see her breakfast request was pancakes, orange juice and syrup. (Side note: It warms my heart when I see her writing because it is relatively phonetic! Yippee! After two dyslexic sons- that is unusual around here- and very exciting!) And since I believe that being sick does in fact warrant lots of pampering I got cracking and brought her a tray of food- to which I added some mangoes. Oh how I love mangoes!I mentioned how Laura really takes her need to be pampered seriously and her next note, a request for a snack, shows just how much. She writes:
1. crackers
2. Nutella
3. Orange Juice
P.S. May you come clean up Breakfast!

Yes ma'am! I'll get right on that!
Got to love her!

Meanwhile, Warren is chilling in his new favorite location: The kitchen counter. He likes to be in the middle of all the action.

The Truffle Shuffle!

Yesterday, I confessed to a friend that as I get in the shower (which unfortunately for any close friends and family doesn't happen nearly as much as it should these days) and catch a glimpse of my post-pregnancy bod in the mirror--I either start to cry or burst out laughing! Depends on the day.

On the more upbeat days, when I have a good chuckle at myself, it is always because my reflection makes me think of "The Truffle Shuffle." I told this to my friend and she got a perplexed look and asked 'What's that?" Really? Could it possibly be that there are people out there not familiar with The Truffle Shuffle, from the great 80's movie "Goonies?" It's one of those scenes that probably shouldn't be funny, but it just is.

If you haven't seen Goonies- then log into your Netflix account and add it today. My kids love this movie. ( Although I have to say that they watch an edited version I purchased a few years back since the language is a little too much for my taste. Why is it that family movies in the 80's thought is was OK to have scummy language? For instance, the breakfast scene in E.T. where all the kids are smut-mouthed-- come on Steven Spielberg! Clean it Up!)

So...for explanation purposes of why my reflection makes me giggle, and to enlighten those of you who have still never seen this movie, here is the "Truffle Shuffle." Enjoy!

And just for laughs...if you want to see my favorite scene from this movie- and possibly out of any movie ever.. go here. (I can't embed this one.)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still Under Construction....

Like most "construction" projects, this one is taking longer than this "contractor's" original estimate. (Can you tell I love quotations?) I'm still working on a new header. Until then... sorry about the blah!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Construction Zone!

I'm feeling sad that our family photo above is one kid short and there are a number of blog "buttons" I think I should be adding so, I'm going to try for an overhaul today of my blog design and template etc.. However, it may take me a number of hours to figure out the new "template designer, " so, if you are one of the few people that actually read this, (mostly just you Mom!)I'm sorry for the mess!

Hopefully I will be newly beautiful by the end of the day!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spa Baby Tub

I mentioned before that Warren doesn't care for the bath. He hates to be naked, or even mildly chilled, which was becoming a bit of a problem for me because I LOVE a freshly bathed baby. They smell so delicious and are so warm and snugly. What was a mom to do?

Then I remembered this crazy bath "pot" that my girlfriend used when her daughter was born. (shout out to you Marianne- the queen of all the latest gizmo's- I love ya!) I thought it was so funny. It looked like you should fill it with soil and plant tulips in it.. but I wondered if it might be the solution for my little guy to finally get happily clean. So I gave it a try...

I kid you not- this thing is awesome!! I stripped my baby naked which, of course, started the scream fest and then the moment we placed him in the pot-- wallah!!-- Instant relaxed baby! All the tension oozed right out of him. It was amazing! He was so happy. I think he could have stayed there all day! Check out his glazed over look...
Isn't that adorable? He looks like a little Buddha that we planted for the spring!

If you are having similar problems bathing your babe--I highly recommend this! Here is the website for the Spa Baby Tub, which I'm using. They say it's the most warm, relaxing, calming, soothing and womb-like tub on the market. ( I whole heartily agree now.) You can even watch their video on why this is the best tub ever! There is another brand called the Tummy Tub that looks exactly the same- but has an optional pedestal type stand/stool for it. I'm sure it's great too.

**The one negative is that whilst your little one is small and can't hold their own head up- it's a little bit awkward to hold their head out of the water and clean them at the same time. It works best for me to have my husband hold his head up while I do the scrubbing. Normally this would seem like a pain and a major deal breaker for me- but now I'm just grateful for something that works, and it's actually been fun for us to bathe him together at night. Family bonding time!

I love love this tub!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Revenge of the Pickle

Saturday night was our annual Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby. Kimball entered his car he named "Revenge of the Pickle." His car was the fastest from our Bear den this year so he gets to take his car to districts.

Last year Kimball entered his first "pickle" car. His design philosophy was inspired by an episode of "Myth Busters" where they tested whether or not the dimples on a golf ball in fact helped the ball to travel farther and faster. To make a long story short- they proved it scientifically and Kimball became inspired for his next car. Thus- the dimples! And what other color could a car be if made by Kimball but green? It has been his choice of color since he came out of the womb. It doesn't matter what it is- clothes, toys, food or Pine wood Derby cars- he wants it green! I've never met another kid quite as color obsessed as Kimball. It's another reason I would love to spend a few moments inside his brain and just experience things there. I imagine it would be very interesting indeed.

Anyway.... once he had dimpled the car and painted it green, it took on a peculiar resemblance to a pickle so.... that's what he named it. It was very fun to hear the kids chanting "Piiickle! Piiickle! Piiickle!" whenever his car went down the track. And since the first pickle won fastest in his den last year-- he felt it imperative that he make another pickle this year.

I imagine that next year we will be making our third pickle and although I can't say for sure whether next years car will be a fast one I can bet that he will once again win a ribbon for "Tastiest Car."

"Revenge of the Pickle." The perfect Kimball car.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Couch Potatoes

Shhhh! Nobody move! He's sleeping!

It is well past lunch time and I have finally gotten this little stinker to rest. I strapped him down into the car seat and forced the binky on him. It will probably only last 10 or 15 minutes. A mother can dream...

Call it colic, reflux-- I don't have a clue-- but I might lose my sanity soon! I keep thinking there must be something I'm doing wrong--something I forgot in the last 6 years that it took us to decide to have this baby.

I've never had a child like this! In my past experience my babies will nurse and then snooze for a few hours, thus letting me sleep if needed, or clean and work on projects or run errands or something! I will take anything at this point! I can't figure this kid out.

He hates the bath. All my kids have loved the bath! It's warm and splashy- and mommy sings to them... but not Warren. He will have none of it. (I thought maybe he just hated my singing- but the silent bath is no good either.) He screams bloody murder the whole time.

He hates to have his diaper changed. Again- bloody murder screaming- which is especially lovely at 2 in the morning.

He could care less for the binky! All my kids love the binky! I love the binky! How can this be?

Some days are better than others. Take yesterday- he acted fairly normal and although still more agitated than my other babies, he had a good Warren day- a day where I started to think that he's coming out of it and that we are getting into the swing of things.... and then the sun sets and we have a night like last night. He just won't sleep for any extended period of time.

I would call it an overall lack of contentment. It's very sad! It makes me sad for him and it makes me sad for me. Even the before mentioned tummy sleeping doesn't seem to be working these days. If he were 6 months I'd let him scream it out, but I can't do that now when he's so little. It would break my heart.

So we sit here together on the couch all day.

I may never get out of my pajamas. I guess I should get online and order some cuter ones.

But that will have to wait for another 10 minute window. My current window just shut..

Monday, March 21, 2011


Every now and then I get an itch to make a yummy fun treat. Now for me, "every now and then" is equivalent to a couple times a week- and is a key reason why diets would never work around here. (especially since 2x a week only relates to making the treats. My desire to eat the treats is a daily occurrence!)

Luckily for me, I don't believe in dieting, and in fact think it's morally wrong, so I try not to worry too much about it! Thus- another reason I will remain post-pregnancy-chubby for much longer than I probably should. Oh well! Like I always say, I would rather exercise for an additional hour each day than stress about every calorie.

Anyway, yesterday was one of those days and since Warren was taking long luxurious naps, I had a few extra minutes and used them to make a time-honored favorite of mine. Jello Parfaits!! ( a few years ago I wrote about how fantabluous they are.)

Aren't they pretty? I never will outgrow them.

Warren was so excited about our parfaits that he lost his usual seriousness for a fraction of a second and, I believe, gave me a smidge of an un-related-to-gas first smile!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Back to Sleep?

A number of years ago the "powers that be" told every new mom that we needed to lay our babies down to sleep on their backs--- AND ON THEIR BACKS ONLY---otherwise the chance of losing our little ones to SIDS was greatly increased. All three of my previous children slept exactly that way as infants--- on their backs, which brings me to my current problem..... Warren is a tummy sleeper!

Every night, I lay this boy down to sleep on his back, or even on his side, and he will sleep at the most 3 hours- but usually only about an hour and a half at a time. But, during the day when I lay him on his tummy to nap on the couch and get his "tummy time" (another must-do proclaimed by the powers that be in order to fix the whole flat-head and weak-neck issues brought about by the "back-to-sleep" campaign) he sleeps dreamlessly for hours on end! Just look at how peaceful he is!
So what is a mom to do? I know that if I put him down on his tummy at night I could go back to actually sleeping and then possibly join the living some time soon. ( Instead of my current state of wandering around in my unbuttoned pajamas all day staring off into space in a foggy stupor.) But, I won't/can't do it! The pediatric profession has made me too paranoid! I could never live with myself if my baby became a statistic because I wanted to sleep at night. Thus he only gets his precious tummy sleep when it's day time and I am awake to check on the rise and fall of his back every few minutes or so.

Stanton is convinced that the whole "Back to Sleep" program is based on bad science- or some study done in rural Australia with suffocating sheep skins or something... but even if that were true... there is still that little OCD voice in my head saying, "But what if they're right?" "What if there is only a .00001% chance that they are right?--- Do you want to take the risk?"

It's so frustrating to live inside my brain!!

So.....we continue on. We DON'T sleep all night-- on our backs, and we sleep A LOT during the day-- on our tummies.

Oh sweet delicious sleep!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome Baby!

I've had a number of people shoot me emails etc. wondering if I've ever had the baby. Thankfully I can announce that yes!!... I am NOT 42 weeks pregnant!

Warren Rockwell was born on February 26th . He did NOT come early like my other kids, and he did NOT come fast like my other kids. I think we have started a trend here and this little guy will most likely be quite the individual with his own personal style about things. Although- if you think about it- individual style (with a touch of quarkiness) could actually be considered a norm amongst my it all depends on how you look at it.

I went into labor Friday night around dinner time and arrived at the hospital around 3AM. Going into labor at night is the pits because you end up missing an entire night of sleep. By Saturday morning I was completely delirious from lack of sleep and that makes the pain so much worse. Stanton kept encouraging me to "go natural" because he knows I like the faster recovery time I get that I toughed it out all night long. Then in the morning around 10AM they broke my water ( mine never breaks on its own) and I fell apart. Per usual everything was much worse after that. I felt like I'd been put in the stockades all night long and I panicked- so I begged for the epidural!

But alas, I had waited too long and Warren was not hanging around waiting for me to get more comfortable... so the anesthesiologist suggested he give me a quick "spinal." At that point I was desperate and would have taken anything he wanted to give me- so the spinal it was. Let me say- that was a crazy sensation! Within seconds I was a complete parapalegic! I couldn't feel anything! Stanton and the nurse each had to hold onto one of my legs so they didn't completely flop off the table. My lower half was a giant dead fish! It was VERY glamorous!!

(Looking back, part of me wishes I had just gone for it. After all, I only had about 15 minutes left to go. But at the time I was so tired, I just couldn't deal anymore- so the other part of me says-- "Been there done that!- No thanks!" I'll take the dead fish!) ...and about fifteen minutes after that Warren joined the world!

He is a little angel. There really isn't anything like a newborn. Just looking at him makes me feel peaceful. (except for maybe at 2 AM when he's still sucking the life out of me for the 3rd hour in a row.) But- all the other times--I feel quite relaxed!
It's all worth it. Every ache and pain, every varicose vein, every extra pound I'll be stuck with for the next year or so, all the lost hours of sleep, all the lost hours of everything...he's worth every last bit of it.


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