Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Meat or Dairy? Yikes!

I've never been one to watch TV during the day. If I have a moment to rest I would rather read a book because daytime TV is usually pretty lame. However, when it comes to reading books during the day I have to be careful because I have never been good at self-monitoring myself and can find that "I'll just rest and read for 20 minutes" quickly turns into, "Oh no! School's out already? How did six hours go by?" way too often.

Anyhoo.... back to my point- I don't watch daytime TV. Then about a month ago Warren was born and, as I have mentioned before, he prefers me to be with him at all times and likes to nurse A LOT. So, that being said, I have found myself spending many hours on the couch flipping through channels and coming upon a number of interesting shows. To name a few:

"I Didn't Know I was Pregnant."- it's hilarious-and sometimes disturbing. I never knew so many babies were born in the toilet from "constipated" and unsuspecting mothers.
"The Doctor's"- I quite enjoy them and their medical chatter.
"An Idiot Abroad"- British people are always extra funny.
And don't ask me why, but I actually enjoy watching "Hoda and Kathy Lee" in the morning on NBC. They make me laugh and keep me updated on all sorts of pop culture that is totally useless to know.

Anyway...the reason I bring this up is because I was watching "The Doctors" the other day and they had Alicia Silverstone there talking about her book, "The Kind Diet, " which is all about her Vegan lifestyle and why it's so great. I have never been one to even consider Veganism but she happened to bring the doctors a sampling of her "Crispy Peanut Butter Treats With Chocolate Chips" which are her healthy and vegan version of rice krispies and they looked super yummy. I couldn't stop thinking about them all day so I picked up a copy of her book from the library and soon found myself engrossed in it.

I doubt I could ever go completely dairy or meat free- but she makes a number of points that have me cutting back a fair amount. ( Did you know there is cow puss and blood in every cup of milk you drink? If there is even a chance that that is true- it really grosses me out. I can't ever look at milk the same again! Which actually kind of makes me sad. I like milk! We typically go through about 6 gallons of it a week. But this week that has decreased to about two. I sort of get the heebie-geebies now just looking at it!)

Actually- as of 4 days ago I went dairy-free anyway because I've been advised by a number of moms to give it a try for fussy babies and actually it seems to be doing the trick. Warren is much more relaxed, so I will be sticking with that for awhile. I think I will go ahead and experiment with the whole philosophy for a week or two and see how I feel. It's a bit of a challenge for a girl like me since I am against soy products, which seem to be a staple of most vegan diets. (But that's another story altogether.)

So I made Alicia's rice krispy treats and then proceeded to feast on the whole pan over a span of about 48 hours, which probably negates the whole "healthy" treat part. Oh well! They are yummy!

Maybe I will post more on these new Vegan thoughts another day.... or maybe I will just forget it altogether and eat a big juicy steak! Stay tuned.


Anne said...

i also love hoda and kathy lee...and i have been interested in alicia's book, too. i don't drink milk anymore...i drink vanilla almond milk and it is awesome.

ZAC said...
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ZAC said...

You READ? haha! You're my hero. I'm one of those boobs who'd prefer to watch t.v. all day. I really like the Doctor's too. I've picked up some interesting tidbits listening to them.

So I just had to add my testimonial about going off of milk and since you're a runner like me, I feel confident you'll appreciate it!

I found that when I had milk in my diet, I would go running and at some point, when I hit the wall, a mucus barrier would creep up in my throat. It made breathing labored. After 2 weeks of going off of milk, that mucus barrier disappeared. It was AWESOME. In addition, a skin growth on the side of my eye shriveled up and fell off. It was CRAZY. Milk is an inflamatory and can really mess around with the natural functions of our body. ANYWAY, kuddos to you for giving it a try.

I'm going to confess that I've been drinking milk since being pregnant. Moderation in all things and I miss it too much! But I'm going back to my rice milk after this baby comes (I a soy hater too).

Thanks for the book tip!


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