Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Revenge of the Pickle

Saturday night was our annual Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby. Kimball entered his car he named "Revenge of the Pickle." His car was the fastest from our Bear den this year so he gets to take his car to districts.

Last year Kimball entered his first "pickle" car. His design philosophy was inspired by an episode of "Myth Busters" where they tested whether or not the dimples on a golf ball in fact helped the ball to travel farther and faster. To make a long story short- they proved it scientifically and Kimball became inspired for his next car. Thus- the dimples! And what other color could a car be if made by Kimball but green? It has been his choice of color since he came out of the womb. It doesn't matter what it is- clothes, toys, food or Pine wood Derby cars- he wants it green! I've never met another kid quite as color obsessed as Kimball. It's another reason I would love to spend a few moments inside his brain and just experience things there. I imagine it would be very interesting indeed.

Anyway.... once he had dimpled the car and painted it green, it took on a peculiar resemblance to a pickle so.... that's what he named it. It was very fun to hear the kids chanting "Piiickle! Piiickle! Piiickle!" whenever his car went down the track. And since the first pickle won fastest in his den last year-- he felt it imperative that he make another pickle this year.

I imagine that next year we will be making our third pickle and although I can't say for sure whether next years car will be a fast one I can bet that he will once again win a ribbon for "Tastiest Car."

"Revenge of the Pickle." The perfect Kimball car.


Leslie said...

I love that Kid and this post!

Britney said...

A-W-E-S-O-M-E car!!!! I love it!!!!


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