Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sick Day- Yippee!

Unlike most people, my kids love to get sick! Getting sick means no school, watching lots of TV and getting pampered. No one takes this to heart like Laura! Yesterday she came home from school feeling a little under the weather with a mild fever. Now today, even though she is coughing, has a mild sore throat and headache- she couldn't be happier.

Being that I do not want myself or Warren to catch whatever it is she's got, I told her she would be quarantined to her room. She just smiled, grabbed an IPOD Touch and went happily to her bed. However, after a couple of hours this morning she called down that she was hungry and would need "room service- on a tray!" Priceless! She then proceeded to write out her order and toss it down to me. As you can see her breakfast request was pancakes, orange juice and syrup. (Side note: It warms my heart when I see her writing because it is relatively phonetic! Yippee! After two dyslexic sons- that is unusual around here- and very exciting!) And since I believe that being sick does in fact warrant lots of pampering I got cracking and brought her a tray of food- to which I added some mangoes. Oh how I love mangoes!I mentioned how Laura really takes her need to be pampered seriously and her next note, a request for a snack, shows just how much. She writes:
1. crackers
2. Nutella
3. Orange Juice
P.S. May you come clean up Breakfast!

Yes ma'am! I'll get right on that!
Got to love her!

Meanwhile, Warren is chilling in his new favorite location: The kitchen counter. He likes to be in the middle of all the action.

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Leslie said...

I am loving all the new posts. Feeling so connected! All of your pics but one has the question mark? I cant see them


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