Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Truffle Shuffle!

Yesterday, I confessed to a friend that as I get in the shower (which unfortunately for any close friends and family doesn't happen nearly as much as it should these days) and catch a glimpse of my post-pregnancy bod in the mirror--I either start to cry or burst out laughing! Depends on the day.

On the more upbeat days, when I have a good chuckle at myself, it is always because my reflection makes me think of "The Truffle Shuffle." I told this to my friend and she got a perplexed look and asked 'What's that?" Really? Could it possibly be that there are people out there not familiar with The Truffle Shuffle, from the great 80's movie "Goonies?" It's one of those scenes that probably shouldn't be funny, but it just is.

If you haven't seen Goonies- then log into your Netflix account and add it today. My kids love this movie. ( Although I have to say that they watch an edited version I purchased a few years back since the language is a little too much for my taste. Why is it that family movies in the 80's thought is was OK to have scummy language? For instance, the breakfast scene in E.T. where all the kids are smut-mouthed-- come on Steven Spielberg! Clean it Up!)

So...for explanation purposes of why my reflection makes me giggle, and to enlighten those of you who have still never seen this movie, here is the "Truffle Shuffle." Enjoy!

And just for laughs...if you want to see my favorite scene from this movie- and possibly out of any movie ever.. go here. (I can't embed this one.)


Anne said...

you are killing me with this! and i love the new header.

Britney said...

I am laughing my head off!!!!! (I totally know what you mean -- I have a truffle shuffle as we speak!)

P.S. I love the new banner too! Love love!


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