Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

I can't believe it has been 15years!

How did the time fly by so fast?....I think we must be old now? (At least in the eyes of our children.)

I still feel young.. but even on the days that I don't, I'm so glad that I get to grow old with, and spend the next 50- 60 years (my plan is for us to live vibrantly into our 90's- then sit down together, hold hands and just peacefully fall asleep. Good plan, right?) with my very best friend and the kindest, handsomest husband a girl could ask for.

Happy 15th to us!

Not too bad, right? I wonder what these photos will look like in another 15 years! Oh mercy...

Friday, April 08, 2011

To Milk or Not to Milk

Lately I've been cooking some vegetarian meals and quickly learning what is good and what is not. What is not? Fake meat. It is gross! Whether it's made from soy, or rice, or wheat- or whatever else they can come up with... it is all disgusting! Thus I have reached a conclusion for myself... I cannot be vegetarian. I will just stick to that great advice given by the Lord: "eat meat sparingly." So thankfully the BBQ fare will still be happening at my house this summer- and I won't worry about it.

As for milk? The jury is still out. I'm positive that I could never cut out all dairy, forever, and make it work for me. (What I said about fake meat? That applies to fake cheese too. I tried it-- nasty!!!) I could reduce it to a much smaller amount though, so I mentioned my no-dairy/less-dairy thoughts to my thyroid doctor. ( Why I frequently see him is a long over due post that I will some day get around to writing as I believe many women could probably benefit from what I have learned about hypothyroidism over the last few years. But that post needs to be quite involved in order to be sufficient... so I've been avoiding the drama.) He had quite a lot to say about that. To make a long story short, he is vehemently against cutting out dairy. However, what he does believe I should be consuming is quite interesting... He believes I should be consuming raw, unpasteurized dairy. He had a lot of science and thoughts on the issue- but still....seriously?

This is the one doctor who was able to help me when numerous others couldn't. He has a good track record with me and has always been right, thus far, regarding my health--- so I should trust him, right? But raw dairy? That sounds gross- and dangerous. Can I believe him on this one?

What to do now? I have not yet decided. In all fairness, I will keep researching each viewpoint and then I think I will have to continue experimenting- by trying it all out. Raw dairy farmers are hard to come by near me, being that we lack farms this close to the city, but I've tracked some down that bring their products in, so I will find out for myself if it's something I could even consider long term.

Either way, I found a dairy-free smoothie recipe that is actually quite delicious. I like it so much that I have made it twice already today! It's the Cinnamon-Bun Smoothie from the Happy Herbivore's website. Delicious! I make it with rice-milk and use frozen bananas. You should try it.

Red Quilts Galore!

Last week some friends convinced me to get out of the house for a few hours so that I could join them at an amazing exhibit in the city. With my arsenal of baby gear, we ventured down to the Armory in Manhattan where they were displaying over 600 red and white quilts. It was spectacular! They had them suspended from the high ceiling in circular formations. I was in awe.

I used to spend a lot of time quilting when the boys were babies, but as they have gotten older my time for it has dwindled. This exhibit made me want to whip out the machine and some scraps and make the time. It was so inspiring. So many of them were hand-quilted with such detail!
The really interesting part of the exhibit is that all the quilts are "part" of one woman's collection. I have no idea where she stores all of them, but talk about a fetish! In the info pamphlet given out at the show it said she bought many of them back in the 50's at flea markets. They weren't considered valuable at the time and could be had for a mere 5 dollars! It made me wonder what fabulous treasure of tomorrow is being sold at the flea markets today for pennies.

I had to laugh when I looked at this picture of Warren and I because he is yawning! ( I think in his brain he must have been thinking, "Boring!" Definitely getting that attitude from his dad!)

Laura's Baby Book

Now that we've had another baby I feel especially guilty that I have never finished Laura's baby book. (She was born over 6 years ago!) Both of my boys have big thick books that they love to look through, and poor Laura has a skinny little book with all of 4 pages done. It's very sad.

I know that this is a common situation for any child who is not the first born, and I could simply tell her, "Too bad for you, join the club!" but you should see her face every time the boys get out their books. It's heartbreaking! I feel awful about this.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and became determined to get to work. After all, I need to get her book done ASAP so I can get Warren's started and going. I refuse to see his disappointed face in a few years when there is no book and he wonders why I don't love him as much as his siblings.

So.... this became the inspiration for my day and when I wasn't nursing or rocking my little guy I was creating pages. They aren't too special, being that I'm trying to crank these out fast, but here are the finished ones so far. I have a very long ways to go, but one page at a time and eventually I will be finished!

See Laura-- I DO love you!


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