Friday, April 08, 2011

Laura's Baby Book

Now that we've had another baby I feel especially guilty that I have never finished Laura's baby book. (She was born over 6 years ago!) Both of my boys have big thick books that they love to look through, and poor Laura has a skinny little book with all of 4 pages done. It's very sad.

I know that this is a common situation for any child who is not the first born, and I could simply tell her, "Too bad for you, join the club!" but you should see her face every time the boys get out their books. It's heartbreaking! I feel awful about this.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and became determined to get to work. After all, I need to get her book done ASAP so I can get Warren's started and going. I refuse to see his disappointed face in a few years when there is no book and he wonders why I don't love him as much as his siblings.

So.... this became the inspiration for my day and when I wasn't nursing or rocking my little guy I was creating pages. They aren't too special, being that I'm trying to crank these out fast, but here are the finished ones so far. I have a very long ways to go, but one page at a time and eventually I will be finished!

See Laura-- I DO love you!


Anne said...

i am very impressed! maybe i should start soren's.

ZAC said...

Amanda, you crack me up. If you want to see a "not too special" scrapbook, come visit! You'll feel 100x better about your Wonder Woman skills. ;) I still need to finish my lil' Jeff's and all I plan to do is throw pictures in a book, old school style. BOO!


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