Friday, April 08, 2011

To Milk or Not to Milk

Lately I've been cooking some vegetarian meals and quickly learning what is good and what is not. What is not? Fake meat. It is gross! Whether it's made from soy, or rice, or wheat- or whatever else they can come up with... it is all disgusting! Thus I have reached a conclusion for myself... I cannot be vegetarian. I will just stick to that great advice given by the Lord: "eat meat sparingly." So thankfully the BBQ fare will still be happening at my house this summer- and I won't worry about it.

As for milk? The jury is still out. I'm positive that I could never cut out all dairy, forever, and make it work for me. (What I said about fake meat? That applies to fake cheese too. I tried it-- nasty!!!) I could reduce it to a much smaller amount though, so I mentioned my no-dairy/less-dairy thoughts to my thyroid doctor. ( Why I frequently see him is a long over due post that I will some day get around to writing as I believe many women could probably benefit from what I have learned about hypothyroidism over the last few years. But that post needs to be quite involved in order to be sufficient... so I've been avoiding the drama.) He had quite a lot to say about that. To make a long story short, he is vehemently against cutting out dairy. However, what he does believe I should be consuming is quite interesting... He believes I should be consuming raw, unpasteurized dairy. He had a lot of science and thoughts on the issue- but still....seriously?

This is the one doctor who was able to help me when numerous others couldn't. He has a good track record with me and has always been right, thus far, regarding my health--- so I should trust him, right? But raw dairy? That sounds gross- and dangerous. Can I believe him on this one?

What to do now? I have not yet decided. In all fairness, I will keep researching each viewpoint and then I think I will have to continue experimenting- by trying it all out. Raw dairy farmers are hard to come by near me, being that we lack farms this close to the city, but I've tracked some down that bring their products in, so I will find out for myself if it's something I could even consider long term.

Either way, I found a dairy-free smoothie recipe that is actually quite delicious. I like it so much that I have made it twice already today! It's the Cinnamon-Bun Smoothie from the Happy Herbivore's website. Delicious! I make it with rice-milk and use frozen bananas. You should try it.


Danika said...

I will be curious to read about your thyroid issues when you get around to writing them. My mother-in-law & my sister-in-law both have thyroid issues (they have the exact opposite problems though).

I have several friends here who have talked about switching to raw milk, but when they learned it was like $10/gallon they decided they couldn't handle it financially.

Pardon my ignorance on the recipe...but what is non-dairy milk? And could that recipe be made with regular milk?

Leslie said...

A girl in my ward wrote a book called "The Green Diet" ( by Mary Jolley. Several people having been saying how great some of her recipes are. I finally got the book and am pleasantly surprised. Her granola is awesome. Her tortilla soup is great too. Ill send you over the recipes as I try them and like them. There is No dairy and no meat!
Love you

Bethany said...

-Eager to hear about your thyroid issues (my mom has suffered tremendously for decades and just recently found a doctor who knows what he's doing).

-I love the book "Eat to Live," you should read it.

-Cute new blog look!

ZAC said...

I really appreciate hearing what you learn Amanda. vartan's family is doing the raw unpasteurized milk thing. They also use goat's milk, which I'm sure you know is way easier on the human digestive tract. Anyway, I would be so interested to hear about about your thyroid, if you ever cared to share. My mom has thyroid issues and so it's always been on my radar. I'm all for cutting out milk but not dairy and a little moderation now an again won't kill us when it comes to milk!


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