Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finished lists

I love a good list.

Most evenings before going to bed I can be found with note paper in hand writing all my "to-do's" for the following day. Without a list I am lost! ( mostly because of that early-onset dementia I seem to suffer, and which causes my children tremendous grief!) The success I feel at the end of each day is often gauged in direct correlation to how many of those items on my list have a line through them.

Problem? Yes, this is a problem, because with this particular criteria, I have become a total failure! My list is ALWAYS incomplete by a huge margin! Ending each day feeling that way is never good for ones self esteem. I go to bed thinking I'm a loser who just can't keep up and who will always have a grungy kitchen floor.

But, never fear! I have the solution to all my problems and I am putting it into use pronto! I got this particular idea from a super cute lady at church a week ago. She said that, instead of making her list before the day, she makes it after, and on her list she only writes down the things she accomplished- so everything has a finished line through it!

I had to laugh. What superb thinking! Thus, yesterday (a Monday, and historically a very long list day) I tried it out. I did not have a list. I went about my business- which mostly involved nursing, changing diapers and cleaning spit-up- and when the day was done I wrote down my to-do list. It looked like this:

-wash one load of laundry
-clean and adjust the jogging stroller ( which has been rotting in the garage for 4 years)
-make dinner

Three things! Wow! I did it all! Every last thing on my list was checked off! What a great day! I am such a go-getter!! ( I am not going to think about all those other things that were forgotten and missed. I am not... i am not....they do not exist to me...)

I highly recommend this plan to anyone with a social newborn who likes to be held all day. Just think- you can accomplish anything you put your heart to! I did! :)

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