Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's day 2011

When we moved to the east coast (nearly ten years ago!) we thought our days of taking road trips to visit family were over. (And I do not jest when I say that I LOVE road trips. I have such great childhood memories of them and I get excited when I can pass on the experience to my own kids.) So, when my brother and his family moved to Virginia we were thrilled. Bring on the Travel Bingo!

Last week we took advantage of this great blessing of family and played hooky from school to take a week long trip to Virginia. Not only did we get to visit with my brother's family, but my parents came as well and we had a terrific week exploring Williamsburg, Jamestown, Fort Monroe, the beach and Busch Gardens. I'll post a little about our fun throughout the week, but today, being Sunday, I wanted to post about Mother's Day 2011 and why it was a precious one to me.

First, and foremost, I got to spend it with with my own sweet mother and be with her in person. Dad bought all the moms corsages to wear. It was great fun. My husband (he, who I have been informed, should not be named on this blog.. so I really need to come up with a pseudo name for him) and I laughed thinking about the last time he pinned a corsage to me, which would have been our high school homecoming dance way back in 1992! Yikes!)

I'm sure that many people would say the same thing, but I really do think I have the best mom! Isn't she beautiful?
On to the next great thing about mother's day: Warren's baby blessing. We chose not to bless him in NY so that we could share it with family in VA. He looked so precious in his little white outfit. (Interesting note....I bought it about 4 years ago at a time when I didn't think we would have anymore kids...but it was so soft and white and perfect for a baby boy so.... I just bought it! My subconscious, or fate, or whatever, just knew!) His dad gave him a beautiful blessing and, of course, I cried and cried! Thank goodness for water proof mascara!

I wish he would have shown his adorable smile for the pics, but he just wanted to chill that day.
Then I cried some more, because we ordained Tustin a deacon. How is it that my first born turned twelve and is such a little man now? He was so handsome in his suit and his dad gave him a beautiful blessing as well. More tears!
It was a perfect day and one in which I spent one moment after another reflecting on all my blessings. I grew up wanting to be a mother and now here I am, in the thick of it. I love being the mom to my little brood! It is the hardest thing I have every done, but it's also the best thing I've ever done too.

There are six of us now and we are all ( including the man and myself) growing up way too fast! Here is a picture where we at least look presentable. (Wherever that world is --where everyone gets those fabulous family "glam" shots-- we haven't visited it yet. The frameable wall photo continues to elude me! Urgh!)


Danika said...

Sounds like a perfect mother's day! That last picture of your family is really good - you even all coordinate with each other with the orange & yellow theme. Crop out the doorways on either side and you have a great family photo for your wall! :)

Anne said...

i love that pic of all of you! what a great trip you had.


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