Monday, May 16, 2011

My Little Poet

Laura is in first grade and has been writing a lot of poetry in class. Today she brought home from school a fat manila envelope filled with all her literary works. I thought I would share some of my favorites. This stuff is priceless.

First we have the one about me.

My Mom is so beautiful.
She helps me.
Even though you yell at me,
I still love you.
I love my Mom.

Just lovely... And here is the one that my husband gets. Can you tell who is the "good cop" parent in this household? So unfair.

Helps Me
Fun to play games with
Kind as a bunny
Gentle as a bird
I love my Dad

Here is a great one for winter.

The Snow
The snow is white.
It is fluffy.
You can eat it.
But whatever you do,
Keep away from the yellow snow.
And don't stick your tongue to a pole.

I love these two as well...

Blue is the color of the ocean.
Blue is the feeling of sadness
Blue is the color of tears.
I love blue.

A box can be anything you want it to be
It can be a boat.
It can be a house.
It can be a toy box.
But whatever it is,
It is a box.

There were dozens more where this came from. I think she is a terrific little writer. I think I will type them all up and get a book of "Laura's Poems" made.


Danika said...

I'm seriously laughing out loud right now. Love the poem about you yelling! Sounds like something my kids would write! :)

Anne said...

these are adorable.


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