Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sling Anyone?

I have been researching baby slings and I don't know which way to go, so I need some experienced advice.

In my previous post I mentioned my inability to get things done around here. The reason for this has a name- his name is Warren.

Let me explain. Something magical happened when we took our trip to VA and ever since he has been sleeping completely through the night--about 10 or 11 hours every night! I know. It is awesome and I will take it, but during the day he has to make up the difference, which means he eats about every 1 1/2 hours. The only way I can even write these posts is because The Man bought me an IPad for my birthday/anniversary/Mothers Day present so I can post from the couch while Warren dines.

It's not just the frequent nursings that keep me out of commission though. I have a baby who wants to be held, talked to, sung to, and otherwise entertained every waking hour and, if I fulfill his wishes, he is happy all day long. So....I hold him- A LOT. And doing anything with a baby-in-arms is a challenge. Chopping onions? Awkward. Mopping a floor? A major pain.

With previous kids, the Baby B'jorn was a winner and all I ever needed to free up my hands with a baby in tow. However, with the "holding" hours I am pulling with Warren, I need to change it up here and there. Having him hang off the front of me hour after hour is not fun. Which brings me to the slings... I think they look a little silly and I swore I would never wear one, but I am going to eat my words because I think they may be just what I need.

Now, if you start to research slings, you will find that there is an entire "baby wearing" society of moms who believe that if you wear your baby most of the day they will be more independent and smart etc.. I even read a promotion from one mother who ALWAYS wears her baby, even in the shower!-well into their toddler years! (she has a special mesh sling she wears-- in the shower! I kid you not!) You have to admire her dedication to the cause, right?

Anyway, whether or not Warren turns out to be an independent genius, because I am lugging him around all day, remains to be seen. I am just doing it so he'll be happy and continue to give me my beauty rest at night.

Which one? the Maya Ring Sling looks good and I think can be used with bigger kids.

I know some women who loved the Moby Wrap- but it is a lot of yardage.(6 yards of knit fabric) I'm not sure I want to mummify myself to carry this kid. (however, again, I am prepared to eat my words if it works out the best.) Don't ask why I can't get this picture smaller- I have no idea!
There are countless other sling-type contraptions as well. Such as, the Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, The Peanut, the Baby K'tan, or a Hotsling. ( love the names these things have!)

Any advice? Maybe I should just order them all and return what I don't like.


laura said...

Amanda, Tara Dastrup recommended New Native Slings to me and I have loved mine. (I had a link but it was so long, just google it.) It's one piece, nothing to finagle with. The baby fits right in and you're good to go.

I do not wear my baby very often, but when I do, it's comfy.

(And, how does it make sense that a baby would learn independence by being attached to another human being at all times? Just wondering?)

Leslie said...

I borrowed the Moby Wrap from Tiffany and really liked it. Violet was small though at the time. Tiffany used it all the time with Drake....up until 9 months.
It is super comfortable. Yes a lot of fabric but instead of having just one shoulder take the weight you have both and your back! I recommend that or the baby bjorn. I borrowed Wendys and no longer use it. I can send the bjorn to you. Let me know. Love you!

Kristy said...

I had the moby and gave it away because it took too long and I never seemed to be able to tie it properly. Either Cy was too snug or he seemed to fall out. The baby bjorn felt too stiff for me and hurt my back after a while.
The one I adore and still use is called Ergo Baby. It is so easy, so soft and I used it till Cy was 2. You can use it in front or back if you need to (but up front is more cozy). It's soft, doesn't cut off circulation and is really good on my back (I have scoliosis).
Good luck!


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