Thursday, August 18, 2011

Slipping Through My Fingers

Each time Warren reaches a developmental marker, such as rolling over, outgrowing the Bumbo chair or nearly sitting up on his own, I cry and cry. Stop growing up baby!!!

He's moved on to solid food and is so pleased with himself. I cry with every spoonful!

Seriously. I get very emotional about this. Time is moving too fast.

And it's not just my youngest baby- but my oldest son too. Tustin has been gone all week at Boy Scout Camp, earning his merit badges, having the time of his life and most likely not stopping to miss us at all.  It is my first time sending him away for something like this and I, on the other hand, am really feeling his absence. I miss my big boy. I can't wait for him to get back tomorrow night. I hope this gets easier in the coming years...but I doubt it will.

Often, as I'm gathering clothes that Laura has outgrown and preparing them to give away, I find myself stroking the fabrics and reminiscing on sweet memories of her dancing and bouncing around in them.

 These are also the times when my husband loves to pass me in the hallway singing, "Slipping Through my Fingers," from Mama Mia, knowing that I am helpless to the power of that song, and will immedietly collapse into sobs!  If you are not familiar with this song, then take a moment, get a box of tissues and watch. If you are a mother- especially to a daughter, make sure someone is with you. You are going to need a hug.

This week my husband sent me a link to a short article written by Joshua Brown, on The Reformed Broker. A new school year has moms and dads alike feeling my sadness. I thought he expressed it beautifully:

My daughter's going to kindergarten in two weeks and my son just stopped taking naps on Wednesday.  I was at work but this is what I've been told.  Just out of nowhere, he's a baby and then he's not.  And the little girl whose crib I slept on the floor next to will be walking into a school with 12-year-olds in it.  I swear she was born yesterday.  I can't throw away another stroller or see another garbage bag filled with the baby toys that so many of my memories are attached to.  And if I can't stop or at least slow these kids down from growing up I think I might just lose it...i just want to stop time. Or at least slow it down.
Mr. Brown, I know just how you feel. 

Fashion Forward?

I received the latest DownEast catalog in the mail yesterday. Usually, they have some great skirts, jewelry and basic T's. I'm a fan.

However, this particular Fall-line is dominated by what looks to me like knit sweatpants/MC Hammer pants. Remember those?... they weren't cute on MC, or my fellow-3rd graders, and they are most certainly NOT cute on ANY grown woman today!
 I am a firm believer that if the model in the catalog does not look good in something- then you can be sure that the rest of us real-figured women would look utterly horrendous! I can guarantee that this particular shape of pant will give you the appearance of an extra 5-10 pounds of "junk-in-the-trunk." Or, even worse, give others the opportunity to stare at your rear and wonder if you might have a bladder-control problem and thus be wearing a necessary diaper. Who needs that kind of speculation regarding their derriere? Not me!

Seriously,  am I missing something? Is my sense of fashion completely out-dated? Totally out of it? Are any of you considering donning a pair of these?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Joy in the Journey

As many of you know, both my oldest son's have dyslexia. This is another one of those huge subjects, like hypothyroidism, that I have never sat down to write about. How could I possibly get all those thoughts on paper? Incidentally, it is these two same subjects that are often the cause of my interspersed, sometimes long absences from this blog.

Thus, to my future posterity: when you look to these archives to get to know me,(your great great grandmother), and you wonder what I was doing during the weeks and months I left blank, you can fill in the void with the most obvious conclusions...

Conclusion #1- I was in the midst of a vicious hypothyroid down-turn, exasperated by failing adrenal glands. Both of which were likely aggravated by having a baby and getting my hormones all out of whack. (of course, it was still worth it!)I was exhausted and struggling to think straight. I was dizzy, moody, out of breadth...yada, yada, yada. Don't worry, I had an excellent doctor. He helped me get educated about the proper medication and diet for me- and he consistently worked with me when things changed. I got better.

Conclusion #2- I was talking with teachers- a lot! I was having meetings with neuro-psychologists, reading therapists and other specialists. I was not accepting the, "We see that your child is struggling, and not performing to his potential, and proven high intelligence, but he is still within an acceptable 'average' range, so we don't believe we can give you the support you need," for an answer. I was fighting and advocating day in and day out for my children. I was spending countless hours reading about and researching every possible tool to help my kids in their school work. Then I was doing homework. Hours of it. (Because east coast schools and parents think lots of homework and busy-work is essential for a child's success, and future entrance into their coveted Ivy League schools----despite studies that prove otherwise!! Urghh!!!)

So- that in brief is why I will never be a great, consistent blogger.

Anyhoo...... the reason I bring this up....

...Over the course of the last school year, I have become more and more concerned with my son Kimball's posture. It is not good- and as a former dancer ( I say former, because sadly I am a mere shadow of that girl I once labeled "dancer." Where did she go? Where did her legs go? Sigh...) I cringe when I see him slouching about. It is so bad, that there seems to be a bump arising on his upper back. In addition, he has his dad's flat feet, and my hyper-extended knees. Genetically, he is destined for postural failure- and since he has me for a mother, ( a woman who values strong posture) this stresses me out!

I've been doing a few exercises with Kimball- and constantly nagging him about sitting up-straight etc., but I got to thinking that it might behoove me to have him check in with a specialist and just make sure that this is in fact a muscle training issue- and not a bone one.

Off to the Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon we went! ( I am a firm believer in specialists. I don't like to beat around the bush and wonder--so the head honcho it is!) They took X-Rays of Kimball's spine and of his feet and then the doctor checked him out. Turns out that Kimball has very loosy-goosy ligaments, which is why everything falls out of alignment- but secondly he has developed a "kyphosis" of the spine. Lovely! (Kyphosis is a curving of the spine that causes a bowing or rounding of the back, which leads to a hunchback or slouching posture.)

Fortunately, Kimball's current version of kyphosis is what's considered "acquired postural kyphosis," meaning it is caused by muscular weakness, not abnormal bone growth, and won't require any type of brace to correct. Luckily, we have caught it early enough- before his bones started to grow the wrong way! In a few more years we would have been in trouble! For now, Kimball will start receiving physical therapy 3x/week. (Another plug for always following one's mothering-stress-induced-intuitions!)

So, I ask...why is it that my kid can"t just have one issue to deal with? He has to struggle with dyslexia, (which is not a minor thing around here) and now physical issues as well? Poor kid! (Or maybe, poor mom- because Kimball thinks going to therapy is super fun!)

I just hope that these things will make him stronger and that as he grows up he will never shy away from a challenge, and he will face the world head on--- and he will, above all, keep his sense of humor and be happy. With a kid like this...
(This is what happens when Kimball gets a hold of the Ipad) shouldn't be a problem. Find joy in the journey, right?!! I think he has it down.

***if you are looking for good info regarding either dyslexia or hypothyroidism, here are a few of my favorite sources where I have found quality help:
Bright Solutions for Dyslexia: (If your child is struggling with reading and writing, I highly recommend you spend some time on Susan Barton's site. She has great videos and information that are so helpful).

The International Dyslexia Association. (Has state chapters that offer meetings and lectures and can help you regarding your local laws. They will also refer you to qualified testers in your area).


Stop the Thyroid Madness: ( if you need a lot of info, and you are struggling with how to find a good doctor. This is a great place to start. Beware- there is a lot of info and it might scare you! ).

Dr Doyle: (This is my doctor. He now has a great website where you can get good information and watch short video lectures. ( If you live anywhere near Stamford, CT, I highly recommend him.)

Stop the Thyroid Madness: ( if you need a lot of info, and you are struggling with how to find a good doctor. This is a great place to start.)

Dr Rind. (He has some excellent info regarding adrenal fatigue, metabolic therapies, and taking your temperatures, etc.)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Giant Height Chart

I feel so unbalanced lately. I think I need to build something....or sew something....or paint something...make a craft! Any old craft will do- I need to feel productive, and just making dinner, and trying to keep things half-way decent and clean around here, is not sufficing. (My baby's continued mission to go for the world record in hours not sleeping isn't helping matters!)

This is going to be my first project. The Giant Ruler Height Chart. I love it! ( I thought I'd share in case another mom out there is getting a little feverish and stir crazy.)

Some history: Awhile back I was at a girlfriends house and noticed her wall where she had recorded the growth of her children over the past 9 years. I've always wanted to do this, but have never found the right wall to use consistently, and with the number of times I repaint and change colors around here, it would be such a lost cause. Which brings me to this post and tutorial by Ashlee on Topsy Turvy. What a great idea!

Love it! Love it! ! I am so making one of these. What a great idea! Now I can make a height chart that can move about and I never have to worry about losing it to paint. I love all the creative moms out there who post their fabulous ideas. I will post pictures of my attempt when I'm done!


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