Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fashion Forward?

I received the latest DownEast catalog in the mail yesterday. Usually, they have some great skirts, jewelry and basic T's. I'm a fan.

However, this particular Fall-line is dominated by what looks to me like knit sweatpants/MC Hammer pants. Remember those?... they weren't cute on MC, or my fellow-3rd graders, and they are most certainly NOT cute on ANY grown woman today!
 I am a firm believer that if the model in the catalog does not look good in something- then you can be sure that the rest of us real-figured women would look utterly horrendous! I can guarantee that this particular shape of pant will give you the appearance of an extra 5-10 pounds of "junk-in-the-trunk." Or, even worse, give others the opportunity to stare at your rear and wonder if you might have a bladder-control problem and thus be wearing a necessary diaper. Who needs that kind of speculation regarding their derriere? Not me!

Seriously,  am I missing something? Is my sense of fashion completely out-dated? Totally out of it? Are any of you considering donning a pair of these?


ZAC said...

BuWaHAHAHA! Something about the belt on the kakhi pants has caught my interest...but what throws me completely off is those heels. Seriously? Heels? Crackin me up.

Amanda Neilson said...

Maybe in a year when they have shoved the look down our throats over and over.....we will find we love em? I hope not!

Anne said...

what is going on here? the purple ones do look comfortable but in a "i am not leaving the house today so i am going to wear my comfy purple crazy pants" kind of way.


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