Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Giant Height Chart

I feel so unbalanced lately. I think I need to build something....or sew something....or paint something...make a craft! Any old craft will do- I need to feel productive, and just making dinner, and trying to keep things half-way decent and clean around here, is not sufficing. (My baby's continued mission to go for the world record in hours not sleeping isn't helping matters!)

This is going to be my first project. The Giant Ruler Height Chart. I love it! ( I thought I'd share in case another mom out there is getting a little feverish and stir crazy.)

Some history: Awhile back I was at a girlfriends house and noticed her wall where she had recorded the growth of her children over the past 9 years. I've always wanted to do this, but have never found the right wall to use consistently, and with the number of times I repaint and change colors around here, it would be such a lost cause. Which brings me to this post and tutorial by Ashlee on Topsy Turvy. What a great idea!

Love it! Love it! ! I am so making one of these. What a great idea! Now I can make a height chart that can move about and I never have to worry about losing it to paint. I love all the creative moms out there who post their fabulous ideas. I will post pictures of my attempt when I'm done!

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Britney said...

love it!


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