Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coconut Ice Cream

Posted by PicasaOh Trader Joe's Coconut Ice Cream- 
How do I love thee!
Let me count the ways...

You are creamy and delicious,  
You are just the right amount of sweet, 
You are dairy free
You are soy free
You are strawberry heaven
Or coconut bliss

 But alas! 
Where have you gone?  
You have been missing for nearly 2 months!. 
Come back to me! 

I love Trader Joe's. However, they have pulled this number on me many times. They offer me something wonderful, I make it a staple in my kitchen, I come to rely on it and then swoosh!---It's gone- never to be seen or heard from again and I am left always feeling its loss, never getting to say goodbye.  Is this some sort of cruel marketing/consumerism trick?

If you live anywhere within 50 miles of me and happen to see this lingering in your TJ's freezer, drop me a note so I can speed on over and buy you out!

Parting is such sweet (and hungry) sorrow.


holly said...

yum...I miss TJs!!!! They are supposedly coming to the Dallas area, but nothing yet.

That always used to happen to me as well when we were in LA. They used to have these little chocolate crunchy cookies that tasted like the best thin mints ever...and then they were gone. Never to be seen again! What?!! I am quite sure I cried over it a few times.

btw...I cannot believe your school pictures look so good! unbelievable. And yes, I totally want to squeeze Warren! What a cutie!

ZAC said...

That looks so good! We don't have a TJ here but I'm going to keep my eyes open for this kind of ice cream here. I LOVE coconut milk.


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