Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Picture Day

 Picture day is coming up this week at my kid's schools. Our school actually does a great job with these photos and they aren't usually the painful snippets in front of ugly screens that were typical when I was a kid. They take the kids outdoors and even offer sibling photos after school. Here are a few of my favorites from the past for example:

Last year it was raining, so we had to do the white screen....which didn't turn out nearly as ho-hum as I thought it would. (pardon my scan quality)

Anyway, gathering up clothes for pictures this week made me realize that I have never taken Warren in for some studio shots. I have always taken my kids in around 4 and 9 months just to officially capture them at each stage. I missed 4 months! How did that happen? It makes me so sad because I can't get that time back, and as we all know my personal camera is soooooo lame that nothing I took myself is up to snuff! Urgggghh.

Thus, I quickly took Warren down to the mall yesterday and The Picture People store. Get excited people! He did great, and looked so cute (even with their lame backgrounds.) Here are a few of my favorites. (Don't worry mom, I will send you the real print outs.).

Posted by PicasaDon't you just want to squeeze him!


Danika said...

You are lucky that your school does such awesome school photos! Ours are lame and boring and super expensive, hence the reason I've never bought any!

Erin said...

I was so diligent with Anna, taking her in for 3, 6, 9 and 12 month pics. I managed to get Clara's 3 months, but that's it. I feel like such a horrible mom!

Warren's pics are adorable!

Britney said...

Your school really does do a nice job with pics.

Your kids are so cute!!! That little Warren is yummy!!

ZAC said...

THOSE ARE SOOO GOOD!!! Now I'm even MADDER about our school pictures. I've been having conversations in my head with the photographer who took my girls pictures. My main question is: Why did you think these were OK???

That's impressive photography. LOVE the natural light and outdoors.


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