Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer Highlights 2011

We've started our 2nd full week of school here so "real" life is in full swing. I'm already missing our carefree summer days. (And speaking of missing summer, fall weather is kicking in way too soon around here. I love fall, it's the best time of year when considering New York weather, but slow down already! Let me catch my breath! The stores are pushing costumes and cornucopias on me and I'm still wearing my flip-flops!)

So what did we do this summer, now that it's over and I rarely posted? Here is a quick pictorial recap of our summer highlilghts:

Highlight #1- Went on a Disney cruise to Alaska with the entire Neilson crew, cousins and all! 

 Decked out for "Pirate Night"

Loving the characters:

The scenery from every angle was beautiful:

Loving those sweet baby cheeks:

 Playing with the dogs after our dog sledding excursion:

 Took a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier:

 it was freezing up Warren stayed huddled inside my coat:

 the kids got a drink of pure glacial water:

We panned for gold. Much to Laura's disapointment, she did NOT strike it rich:

And through it all,  I ran the portable dairy farm:

 Highlight # 2- Off to lake Tahoe for the annual Greene family vacation where we....

...learned how to travel the modern way- with entertainment!

  We kayaked with grandpa, 

we yee-haaad at the truckee Rodeo, 

flew runner band planes that Grandma Greene gave us, 

practiced our yoga on the beach,

went for our first boat ride,

and spent lots of time with family.

 And even though the hubbie couldn't go to Tahoe this year,  he still  joined the fun via FaceTime. I love that! 

Highlight #3 Boys trip to Zion's National Park to hike "the Subway." 

First stop: The Hoover Dam:

Second Stop: St George and the gorgeous red rocks

Third Stop: let the hiking begin!

 I love this picture! It is amazing what water can do to rock!

 Then, back to St. George for more boy fun.

I wish they had a place like this in New York!

And what were the the NY Neilson ladies (along with baby Warren) doing whilst the boys were playing out West?  We were having LOADS of fun and weren't jealous in the slightest...We were huddled down with hurricane Irene and no electricity!  However, we were one of the lucky ones and managed to avoid flooding because of some very generous friends who loaned us this  generator to run our basements sump pump, so the hundreds of gallons that would have filled my basement were very nicely routed to my lawn instead.)

 There you have the 3 main highlights of the Neilson summer 2011.  Now I guess I have to face that it's really back to the grind and fall is truly here.Bring on the pumpkins!


ZAC said...

That's one terrific way to capture your summer...and what a fun one you all had, hurricane and all!!! I LOVED tehe pirate pictures, esp of baby Warren. Your family is so happy and healthy looking. It brings me joy to see it!

Lastly, you sure lived it up for having a newborn! Way to go woman! You look amazing. I, for one, am thrilled to have some school schedule back in my life! Keep warm while you can!

Britney said...

So. Much. Fun!!!!!! And why do you not age???? Ever!!!!!! You look so amazing.


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