Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Project Runway

Every year I say this...but  I LOVE Fall!

I love the weather- about 6 weeks of crispy mornings and nights with sunny vibrant days. I love the decorations and the pumpkins, and loading up my little porch with hay and mums and scarecrows.

I love the flavors of fall with pumpkin-everything, apples and warm spicy cocoa and cider.

 I love trick or treating! I love free candy! I love that smell that comes from my kids pillowcases and buckets- a sweet mixture of chocolate and sugary confections. Cavities be darned!

And I love costumes! I love making them and I love wearing them.

However, speaking of making boys love to pick hard costumes. After last years 20 + hours of labor making these...

...which turned out awesome and were so worth it, I told them that this year they had to pick something easier and less time consuming. They  agreed, put their heads to thinking and decided on the following...

Kimball- Ike from Fire Emblem and Super Smash Brothers Brawl ( yes...those are video games)
Tustin- Link from Zelda ( yes, yes.. also a video game. Pick your battles people!)
Laura- Belle ( the blue dress provencial Belle- NOT the princess Belle)

Ummmmm....can we say NOT easy? I'm a pretty good seamstress, but I am NOT a good pattern  maker. It is really hard for my brain to figure out how to construct something without clear instructions. Not one  of these costumes has a pattern available. ( Not one of them is available for purchase either-unless you want to spend $200 from a Cosplay website. As if! Speaking  of Cosplay- I get such a kick out of all those gaming adults into their character dress ups. Some of them have way too much time on their hands. But you have to respect their passion- and in some instances their amazing costume construction skills.)

 So...I spent an hour or more sitting at the pattern book table at my "local" Joanns searching for clothing patterns that I could alter to work for me. I came up mostly empty handed. How am I supposed to make that neckline on Belle's dress? And Tustin is pretty sure his sword should be real....made of wood...shaped and painted just right...Urrggggh!!!

I have a mini Project Runway going on in  my dining room as I try an invent these things. So far I have clocked about 5-6 hours and I've only just made Kimball's blue coat!!! It is all trial and error. Who knows how I'm going to make all that leather armor! (which he's convinced needs to have leather studs and spikes...I bought a bunch of brown pleather and will just start going  at it...maybe I can use some tin foil here and there.....)

The Man asked me this morning..."Why don't you just tell them no? Make them choose an easy costume." My answer is a simple one. How many years do I have where my kids want to dress up as their favorite characters? How many years do I get where their little faces light up with adventure and make-believe as they head out into the night dressed up as pirates, knights and princesses?  10-12 years maybe?All too few.

Still, some days I wonder if it's worth my time. They are they even appreciate it all? Then last week Kimball wrote an essay for school and, no joke,  here is an excerpt from what it said:

This Halloween is going to be the best ever. I am going to be a character named Ike, from Fire Emblem which is a video game....
            ....My mom says that my costume is a very complicated one because Ike has a lot of little elements. On his left shoulder he has a leather piece of armor. He also has a cape, a headband, a blue jacket with tales, gloves and boots with metal on them, blue spiky hair, and a sword. I think that my mom works a super long time on these hard costumes, and I am only going to wear it one night, which I think is a little silly, but it really shows me that my mom loves me. She will go to all this work just to make me happy. That’s why she is the best mom in the world!
            My brother is going to be Link for Halloween, which is a character from the Legend of Zelda games. I think it is also going to be super awesome. It is cool that we are both dressing up like this because we are awesome characters that are both great fighters.
            Maybe there will be a lot of people that won’t know who I am. I don’t really care. The only thing I care about is that my costume is special. I might be the only person in the entire world that is being Ike. I can’t wait for Halloween night! 

My slave all worth it!

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ZAC said...

You are an AWESOME mom. I recycle costumes that I buy...on sale, if possible. But I'm feeling like the year will come when I sew my kids' costumes...and then they can talk about that ONE year that they had the best costume ever...!


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