Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Happy birthday hamburger

My husband loves a good hamburger, so it is only fitting that for his birthday a few weeks ago,  we made him this cake:

The kids were really into this and had a great time helping me craft vegetables out of Starburst, gumdrops and fruit roll ups. I don't have the first clue how to make,  or use,  that fondant stuff, so off to the candy aisle I go when it comes time to decorate confections. (Growing up, my mom used to make the best candy covered cakes. What kid doesn't want a piece of cake covered in skittles or M&M's? It's always a winner!)

For future reference though, cutting a cake that is layered with fruit roll-ups and Starburst inside it, makes it nearly impossible to cut into slices when it comes time to eat it. Oh well! It still made for a fun celebration.

Happy Birthday to The Man!

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Danika said...

Great looking cake! If you're interested in learning how to do fondant, I just tried it for the first time in August and it was pretty easy. Here's my friend's cooking website and her marshmallow fondant recipe that I did:

lisapow said...

Happy Birthday! Your kids are looking so old!!! I can't believe how much they have all grown!

ZAC said...

That is such an awesome cake! Happy Birthday to Stanton!


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