Saturday, October 15, 2011

Speaking my Piece

A few years ago, at Halloween time, I wrote about how disgusted I was with the sort of costumes on sale for women and girls. Since I have griped about this before,  I will keep my ire to a minimum. (Or I'll try).

Seriously people! Enough is enough!!!!

 These days, Halloween stores and costume sections need to have warnings posted such as: "Not suitable for children!!!"  They have become no better than porn shops! Who buys all those trashy costumes? Who would prostitute their teenage daughters, and even their little girls,  in all those slutty outfits? What message are we sending to our girls when the ONLY costumes available for them to buy send an obvious message..."Check out my bod....I'm for sale!!!!"

It used to be that I could just avoid the Halloween stores, and my inevitable irritation,  all together  by going to the safe haven of a fabric shop to find appropriate costume patterns. Simplicity and Butterick, you have been my friends and my safe haven from the commercialized hoochie-witches and slutty-Dorothys.

Uh....No more!!! You sold out!!! Shame on you!!!!!

What did I find when I went to your pattern selections this year? Page after page of prostitute costumes! You have whored out Dorothy, Alice, Cinderella,  and Belle. Even innocent Raggedy Anne is now a royal slut out to sell her wares. Why would I want to sew that? Who would bother? There is no shortage of corsets, thigh high boots and cleavage bearing costumes on the shelves. I can buy them for cheap at any local Walmart or Target.

Can I just say how tense this subject makes me?  Our society is so screwed up!  We are training our little girls from a very young age- even at Halloween- that their value lies in their bodies and their sexuality. It is so perverse. Parents put their six year olds in slutty clothes and think it is "so cute!" No- it is not! It's gross! It's wrong. Stop it all ready!

Every self respecting woman and mother needs to take a stand and say NO! If everyone of those stupid costumes- or patterns-- or clothes on the racks---are left on the shelves catching dust, then someone will get a clue.... right? If they aren't making money....they will have to be retired and we can look forward to a future where the innocence of Alice in Wonderland, and our little girls, is just that---innocent.

I have said my piece (or is that "peace?") least until next year.


Danika said...

I feel the same way! I think you should write an article and submit it to a newspaper! I (and many other people) would totally support you!

holly said...

amen! I agree with Danika...submit to your newspaper. More needs to be said and done about the whoring of our little girls.

ZAC said...


Anne said...

i remember your previous rant and i am totally with you on this one.


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