Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween 2011

I did finally finish my kids' costumes so they didn't have to trick or treat in bathrobes or anything. It was so much fun to see them put these on. Laura made sure she had a book in her basket and sang and twirled everywhere she went, Tustin could be found practicing his sword fighting whenever we weren't watching (don't tell him I told you),  and Kimball?...On some level,  I  think that Kimball truly believes that with his costume donned  he actually becomes IKE from Fire Storm.  I love that about him, and hope he never grows out of it--- well at least not for a few years yet.

I wish I had better pictures...but we've heard that story before.

 Laura as Belle
 Tustin as Link
 Kimball as Ike
 and Warren as a spider, with me the web


ZAC said...

LOVE THEM!!!! You all look terrific! Little Warren's bare feet crack me up! Not that you'd fool me that you traipsed around with him that way for treatnig...

Denise said...

Your costumes always turn out amazing -- and you're an incredible Mom for putting that much work AND love into them. And I must say, that baby is getting way too big! That's just not fair.


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