Wednesday, April 18, 2012


My boys share a small room and no matter how often I try and weed it for the inevitable trash and junkpiles of "important treasures," they quickly and magically reestablish themselves once I leave the room. (Do other people's children hoard bags of lame plastic toys from the dentist's treasure boxes? Or ziplocks full of easter candy from 2-3 years past? How about the store packaging from toys they no longer even play with? My boys are convinced these things might come in handy someday....)

In addition to all the lame stuff they hold onto, between the two of them they have quite a number of books and Lego sets. ( If your own kids are into Legos, you know that each set, once assembled is most precious and needs a place of honor!)

Where to put all this stuff without it looking like a constant clutter mess has been an issue for us. I installled some shelving above their dresser and that made a small dent, but what they really needed was a BIG bookcase. Unfortunately, I learned after a few attempts that our narrow hallway prevented anything over 6 feet tall from getting through he door.

So..... After being inspired by one of my favorite blogs, "sawdust and papers raps," I decided to build a big built-in bookcase myself. I forgot

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