Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some of our latest....

1. Warren got sick with that Coxsackie Virus, that was running rampant in my neighborhood and ward, due to the fact that it is super contagious. Lovely! The poor kid was covered with awful sores and blisters all over his legs, hands, feet and even his face and mouth. He seemed to get it the worst out of everyone I knew. We were miserable and quarantined for about 5 days. He's healthy and happy now, but has scabs all over him that are taking forever to heal. Even on hot days, I keep him in pants to avoid the creepy stares people give us!

I've been told that most all my kids must have had it before, and just never had outward symptoms....maybe just a random fever or something. It stands to reason that Warren would be my one to get it full blown like this. He gets everything!

It is supposed to be like chicken pox. Once you've had it, you are immune. I hope they are right.

2. Laura had her ballet recital. She was one of the fish caught in a net by the sorceress. It was very cute.

3. Tustin officially became a teenager. I'm still a tad taller than him, but I'm sure he will be looking down on me any day now. Teenage boys grow like crazy! Its the weirdest phenomenon to witness. Overnight growth spurts seem to be the norm. And they are always hungry!

He is my biggest helper with Warren. I'm not sure I would have kept my sanity this last year if not for him. I can always rely on him to hold the babe, play with him and even change diapers and get him to sleep. I'm a lucky, lucky mom.

I can't post any pictures of our summer happenings yet because we are still in school!! New York tortures us for another 4 days. Lame!!! Every year when we trudge away until the end of June I get so annoyed!

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Location:Dance Recital etc.

Here are a few things making me smile this morning.....

----Laura, (my child who lives her life through song), is parading the house singing the National Anthem. However, she really only knows the first couple of lines, and the first one she sings like this.....

" Oh you say you can see!..."
( now if you are not clear as to what is a little off there.....then you might want to brush up- along with Christina Aguilera!).

----Second, my oldest keeps sneaking my phone and changing my home screen picture to crazy photos of himself or others....so that when I go to turn it on, I am surprised by whatever he has stuck there. It's one of his favorite pranks. This morning when i picked up my phone, i was greeting by this:

It totally freaked me out! Now I cant stop laughing. I might even leave it there until his next crazy photo is posted, because it makes me smile every time.

---and last, warren helped me make brownies for Kimball's class picnic yesterday and he thoroughly enjoyed himself...

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