Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here are a few things making me smile this morning.....

----Laura, (my child who lives her life through song), is parading the house singing the National Anthem. However, she really only knows the first couple of lines, and the first one she sings like this.....

" Oh you say you can see!..."
( now if you are not clear as to what is a little off there.....then you might want to brush up- along with Christina Aguilera!).

----Second, my oldest keeps sneaking my phone and changing my home screen picture to crazy photos of himself or others....so that when I go to turn it on, I am surprised by whatever he has stuck there. It's one of his favorite pranks. This morning when i picked up my phone, i was greeting by this:

It totally freaked me out! Now I cant stop laughing. I might even leave it there until his next crazy photo is posted, because it makes me smile every time.

---and last, warren helped me make brownies for Kimball's class picnic yesterday and he thoroughly enjoyed himself...

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