Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Best Cake Ever!

Yesterday was my birthday and I am ever closer to middle does that happen so quick? (I've been organizing  and cleaning out some boxes from the attic this week and I found all the scrapbooks I made in high school and college. It doesn't seem like that was all that long ago- but I  graduated high school 20 years ago!  And I now have a son entering high's sort of surreal they way time passes.)

So, with my birthday and all, my husband organized a little dinner and party with the kids. It was great- but the highlight of my birthday? My cake. Tustin, my 13-year-old had the honor of frosting the cake- and it was priceless! Just thinking about that cake makes me smile. So, so funny.

He has quite the flair for pastry decor don't you think?
Out of all the cakes ever made for me, I think this one will be my favorite.


holly said...

happy birthday amanda! how did I forget? that cake is so awesome. Thanks for the picture. What a great day to be a mom.

I hope things are going well for your family. I never quilt anymore, but still love it and look forward to doing it again when I have more time (?!!) I will forever be grateful to you for introducing me to something I really love. :)

Amanda Neilson said...

I know just how you feel, Holly. I still like to think of myself as "a quilter," but haven't had time for it in a number of years! Someday, I'll get back to it. For sure- we can be quilting bee grandmas!

Bethany said...

Love it! And happy birthday! I forgot how close our birthdays are - mine was yesterday (the 28th) and I just made my own birthday cupcakes. But the kids are doing all the cleaning!


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